Gen Z Values: Redefining Consumer Behaviour


The Play It Green community and businesses are witnessing a significant shift in consumer behaviour driven by the values of Generation Z (Gen Z). 

This generation, alongside Millennials, is redefining the way we perceive and interact with products and services.

 Understanding the values of Gen Z is crucial for businesses to stay relevant and engage with this influential consumer segment.

Today we take a look at the values of this generation and how they can impact on your business.

Gen Z Values: The Power of Gen Z

Today, Gen Z represents a sizable and influential consumer group. 

With an estimated population of over 2 billion globally, they hold significant spending power.

According to research, Gen Z is predicted to become the largest consumer group, representing approximately 40% of global consumers by 2025.

This generation’s purchasing decisions are already shaping industries, and their impact will only continue to grow.

Gen Z Values There are now over 2 billion Gen Z globally
There are now over 2 billion Gen Z globally

Gen Z Values: Economic Impact and Employment

Did you know that Gen Z not only has considerable buying power but also represents the future workforce?

As the oldest members of this generation enter the job market, they are set to become the largest employee group.

This dual role as consumers and employees underscores the need for businesses to recognise and adapt to this generation’s values.

Companies that align with the values of inclusivity, sustainability, and technological integration will be better positioned to attract and retain both customers and top talent.

Gen Z Values Gen Z are the fastest growing part of the workforce
Gen Z will be the fastest growing part of the workforce

Gen Z Values: Sustainable Spending and Pre-owned Market Growth

The Gen Z’s values place a strong emphasis on sustainability and responsible consumption.

Research indicates that 84% of Gen Z consumers prioritise sustainably produced and ethically sourced products.

This value orientation has fueled the growth of the pre-owned market, with platforms like eBay and Vinted experiencing significant expansion.

Gen Z’s inclination towards second-hand goods aligns with their desire to participate in circular economies and make sustainable choices.

Businesses can tap into this trend by offering pre-owned options or adopting sustainable practices throughout their value chain.

Gen Z Vlaues are a rapidly growing part of the workforce
Gen Z prioritise ethical, sustainable products

Gen Z Values: Embracing Gen Z Values for Success

In order to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s market, businesses must actively adopt and embody this generation’s values.

By embracing inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, transparency, and technology, companies can establish strong connections with Gen Z consumers.

Additionally, businesses need to adjust their strategies, products, and messaging to align with Gen Z’s principles and values.

This will enable them to position themselves as frontrunners in the changing market and attract the attention and loyalty of this influential consumer group.

Gen Z Values Embracing Gen Z Values will help businesses succeed
Embracing Gen Z Values will help businesses succeed

Wrap Up

The values of Gen Z are reshaping consumer behaviour and redefining what brands must prioritise to succeed in today’s market. 

This influential consumer segment holds significant spending power and will become the largest employee group soon. 

Businesses must recognise the values of Gen Z and adapt their strategies to effectively engage with this generation.

The rise of the pre-owned market and Gen Z’s preference for sustainable products highlight the need for businesses to embrace circular economies and responsible consumption.

By staying aligned with the values of Gen Z and implementing strategies that resonate with them, businesses can position themselves for success in this dynamic market.

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