Going Eco: Sustainability News 2nd Oct 2023

Going Green: Introduction

Every Monday we bring you the latest news about people and organisations ‘going Eco’ in a bid to inspire you, our reader. In today’s interconnected world, community-driven change paves the way for a greener future.

Discover how individual efforts ripple through neighbourhoods and businesses, creating a positive impact on our planet. From eco-friendly practices to innovative solutions, we’ve got it covered. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Going Eco: Starbucks to Phase Out Disposables

The familiar sight of the disposable Starbucks cup, a symbol of consumerism, may soon become a relic of the past. Starbucks, in a bid to align with sustainability goals, aims to phase out disposable cups by 2030. This shift is not only driven by environmental concerns but also aligns with customer expectations for companies to combat climate change.

At select stores, Starbucks has already ceased serving drinks in disposable cups, providing reusable alternatives instead. This pilot initiative is part of the company’s broader plan to reduce waste, water consumption, and carbon emissions by half within the next decade.

Starbucks envisions a future where its iconic logo graces reusable cups, signalling a new era of sustainability. While this transition poses challenges, including supply chain adjustments, it exemplifies the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

This initiative could revolutionise the coffee industry. As the world’s largest coffee chain, Starbucks’ move towards reusable cups may set a new standard. However, achieving this goal requires innovation in cup materials, balancing sustainability with functionality.

Going Eco The Starbucks disposable coffee cup will soon be a thing of the past
The Starbucks disposable coffee cup will soon be a thing of the past

To truly revolutionise the industry, corporate collaboration and government regulation will be essential. Starbucks’ efforts represent a significant stride towards a more sustainable future, demonstrating that individual choices, like bringing your own cup, can contribute to a monumental shift in environmental consciousness.

For more inspiring eco-news, read on and join us in shaping a greener tomorrow!

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Going Eco: Carlsberg Delivers on Sustainability Promises

Carlsberg has made remarkable strides in environmental sustainability, slashing carbon emissions across its value chain by 16% since 2015. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its comprehensive assessment, covering every aspect from barley cultivation to bottle recycling.

Through rigorous analysis by the Carbon Trust, Carlsberg not only met but exceeded its 2022 targets, achieving a 1% reduction in relative value chain emissions per hectolitre of beer produced, surpassing the initial 15% goal.

This success is attributed to a range of eco-friendly measures, including adopting low-carbon practices in malting, phasing out coal-powered operations at breweries, implementing sustainable packaging, and optimising energy consumption in hospitality refrigeration.

In relative terms, Carlsberg has reduced emissions from 60 kg CO2e/hl in 2015 to 50 kg CO2e/hl in 2022, amounting to roughly 5.5 million tonnes of carbon saved throughout its value chain.

Going Eco Carlsberg has shown great commitment to sustainability
Carlsberg has shown great commitment to sustainability

One standout initiative is Carlsberg’s innovative fibre bottle, incorporating wood fibre and a plant-based lining. These bottles are partially composed of a plant-based PEF polymer lining, developed in collaboration with Carlsberg’s partner, Avantium. PEF is entirely derived from natural sources and seamlessly integrates with plastic recycling systems.

For further inspiration on eco-initiatives like Carlsberg’s, read on and be part of the movement toward a greener future!

Going Eco: Scotland Builds First of A Kind Net Zero Home

Scotland is taking a monumental step towards sustainability with the commencement of work on the first net-zero home in Dalkeith. This one-bedroom bungalow, nestled within a 12,000 sq ft. training centre, will be a beacon of innovation.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the home will feature a modern kitchen, a cosy living room, and a bathroom, all powered by the latest eco-friendly solutions. Solar panels adorn the roof, with attic space dedicated to solar training. A garage will house batteries, a hot water cylinder, and boilers.

The project’s core objectives revolve around upskilling engineers and tradespeople, addressing retrofitting challenges in existing buildings, and educating youngsters on energy efficiency.

It’s a comprehensive effort to establish Scotland as a leader in sustainable living and workforce development.
Mark Glasgow, founder of the Energy Training Academy, expressed his excitement, believing that this venture will position Scotland as a sustainability and innovation exemplar

Going Eco The Energy Training Academy houses a one of a kind home to help upskill engineers
The Energy Training Academy houses a one of a kind home to help upskill engineers

The project aligns with Scotland’s climate goals, aiming to inspire individuals, businesses, and policymakers to drive the transition to a sustainable built environment.

This endeavour not only fosters employment but empowers individuals to contribute to a greener Scotland. It showcases practical solutions for retrofitting existing structures to meet net-zero standards. Ultimately, it serves as a platform to educate the next generation on energy conservation.

Going Green: Wrap Up

Embracing sustainability, Starbucks and Carlsberg lead the charge in reducing emissions, setting a powerful example for businesses worldwide. Meanwhile, Scotland pioneers with its Net Zero home, a beacon of eco-innovation.

These initiatives inspire waves of positive change, showing that each effort, no matter how small, contributes to a greener future.

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