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Currently, the world’s global emissions are around 40 gigatons of CO2 every year and our current ‘climate budget’ for limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees is quickly running out!


By offsetting our footprint through tree planting we can slow global warming down and by changing our behaviour and reducing our footprint, we can stop climate change.


But when it comes to business, people often must travel long distances, stay in hotels and dine out.


The problem is that almost every part of business travel emits greenhouse gases.


When we travel by plane, stay in hotels, drive cars, take buses and trains, and when eat, we leave a footprint.


The travel and tourism industry alone generates a huge amount of CO2e – about 5 billion tonnes of CO2e or 8% of all global emissions every year!

Goodwings CEO

Christian Møller-Holst decided to do something about the impact of business travel on the environment!


Christian is the CEO and founder of Goodwings.


As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for impact, he has 20 years of experience with all aspects of sustainability and CSR.


Besides holding the title of CEO, Christian has studied philosophy and business, and holds a master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School, is a father of three, and a life-long Vespa fanatic.


Christian set up Goodwings with the goal of enabling all business travellers to travel ‘net zero’.


All you need to do is to book your hotel on their website – and Goodwings will do the rest.


They have 1 million+ hotels to choose from and offer the same hotels at the same rates as any other major booking site.


So what’s the difference?


Goodwings calculate and remove all the emissions from your entire trip. 


When you’ve picked your hotel and proceed to checkout, you’ll find their carbon calculator. 


Fill out your chosen method of transportation in the calculator, and it will show a calculation of the total emissions of your trip. 


This is the amount of CO2 that they will remove on your behalf, saving your business time and money whilst amplifying your climate commitment.

Climate positive travel (1)

‘I love what Goodwings is doing to enable business travel to become more sustainable.


Play It Green’s business package offsets an employee’s ‘standard’ footprint and some travel.


If your business travel is more excessive, you can sign up for our top business package and if you travel super regularly, Goodwings is a perfect solution.


Play It Green will be following Goodwing’s sustainable travel lead and introducing a Carbon Calculator to our member’s forest gardens in the coming months.


This means everyone can accurately offset travel, over and above their standard footprint offset.


Offsetting whilst reducing footprints through our weekly tips is a way for everyone to be part of the solution to climate change’.


Richard Dickson – Co-Founder, Play It Green.


If you would like to join the Play It Green community and take part in our simple 3 step solution to climate change, simply click the button below and in under two minutes, you can be part of something special!

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