Green Inspiration: Sustainability News for 4th September 2023

Green Inspiration: Introduction

Trying to find Green inspiration? Look no further! Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news, released every Monday, is your go-to source for a fresh dose of eco-friendly inspiration. Join a thriving community committed to driving change, both at an individual level and within business.

In a world full of negative news, we believe in the power of positivity. With that in mind, our focus is on the incredible progress being made towards a greener future. From community-led initiatives to personal stories of transformation, these uplifting stories show how small steps can lead to big impacts.

Embracing sustainability isn’t just a choice – it’s a movement. By shining a spotlight on the positive changes happening all around us, we aim to ignite your passion and empower you to take action. Ready to be inspired? Read on for heart warming stories, actionable insights. Not only that, but a weekly dose of Green inspiration that will fuel your journey towards a more sustainable world.

Green Inspiration: Spain to Close it's Largest Coal Power Station

In your first news story of green inspiration, we see Spain propel itself towards a coal-free power sector, embracing sustainability in its energy landscape. The Spanish Government now accepts Endesa‘s suggestion to shut down the 1,468 MW As Pontes coal plant by August 2024.

Incredibly this heralds a new era for sustainable energy in Spain. This transformation will see a diverse range of renewable energy projects across Galicia. These transformations include an impressive 1 GW of wind power capacity, promising the creation of 1,300 jobs locally.

“Renewables are outperforming fossil fuels on price, energy security, and desirability,” said Alexandru Mustață, a Campaigner at Beyond Fossil Fuels. The closure of As Pontes signifies Spain’s evolving energy security. It shows that coal is no longer a necessity. Furthermore, Spain’s ambitious plan is to speed up the coal phase-out to 2025.

This will achieve over 80% renewable power by 2030 and demonstrates a forward-thinking approach.

Green Inspiration Spain's closing coal fired power station will be replaced with green energy including 1 GW of wind power
Spain's closing coal fired power station will be replaced with green energy including 1 GW of wind power

At the forefront of the Just Transition movement, Spain has secured access to the EU’s fund for eight high-carbon regions. It sets an example for the rest of the EU. While As Pontes’ closure marks the end of Endesa’s coal operations on the Iberian Peninsula, there is still room for improvement.

Join us in celebrating Spain’s strides towards a sustainable future and read on to find more green inspiration in your weekly news. 

Green Inspiration: PepsiCo Embraces Sustainable Packaging

Your second story of green inspiration sees PepsiCo leading the way in sustainable packaging. In a ground-breaking move, PepsiCo becomes the first US beverage company to adopt paper-based solutions to replace plastic rings in multipacks.

The transformation is part of PepsiCo’s pep+ sustainable packaging journey. It will unfold gradually in a phased, regional approach across the US, building on its successful start in Canada. PepsiCo’s commitment involves employing paperboard wraps and clips, offering a sustainable alternative to plastic rings. This shift includes popular brands like Pepsi, MTN DEW, Gatorade, and more. Even 7Up in Canada is embracing this change.

Furthermore, the innovation isn’t just environmentally friendly; it’s also consumer-oriented. It is crafted from recycled materials and designed for recyclability. By taking this step, PepsiCo is propelling towards its pep+ goals. The goals aim to slash virgin plastic usage by 50% by 2030 across its global beverage and food range.

Green Inspiration PepsiCo's switch to recyclable paper packaging will stop millions of KG of plastic from being used
PepsiCo's switch to recyclable paper packaging will stop millions of KG of plastic from being used

Not only that, but this move will significantly reduce plastic consumption in North American packaging, reflecting PepsiCo’s dedication to circular packaging practices. This is excellent news and will hopefully be the green inspiration required for PepsiCo competitors to follow suit!

Keep reading for your final dose of Monday Green Inspiration.

Green Inspiration: UK Invests £16M in Peatland Restoration

Your final news that creates Green inspiration is from the UK where a new commitment to invest £16m to restore thousands of hectares of peatlands is now in place. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) champions this effort. They are targeting 35,000 hectares of peatland restoration in England.

These projects will rejuvenate vital carbon sinks, benefiting diverse regions in the UK. These regions include the North of England, Dorset Heaths, Lincolnshire Fens, and the Forest of Bowland.

Degraded peatlands hold more than half of the UK’s terrestrial carbon stores, and their restoration is crucial for climate and nature targets.

With that in mind, Environment Minister Rebecca Pow emphasised urgent action to prevent carbon emissions. The £16m investment, part of a larger £50m commitment, is poised to accelerate peatland restoration collaboratively across the country. 

This commitment follows last year’s ban on peat-containing products, highlighting the UK’s dedication to sustainability.

Green Inspiration UK peatland holds more than 50% of the country's carbon stores and is in great need of restoration
UK peatland holds more than 50% of the country's carbon stores and is in great need of restoration

Additionally, the UK is taking the lead by contributing £10m to the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund, aligning with the UN’s Kunming-Montreal Biodiversity Treaty. This partnership also showcases the nation’s commitment to halting biodiversity loss and protecting vital habitats.

That's a Wrap

In a resounding symphony of change, these inspirational news stories are charting a course towards a more sustainable future.

Spain’s bold step in closing its largest coal-powered plant, PepsiCo’s shift from plastic to paper packaging, and the UK’s resolute commitment to peatland restoration echo a resounding call for transformation.

These visionary actions exemplify the power of sustainable decision-making. Be it in energy transition, responsible packaging, or ecosystem preservation. The endeavours remind us that every decision has the potential to create a ripple of positive change.

Let’s celebrate these positive changes and unite to protect our planet for generations to come.

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