Green Park Go Greener With Play It Green

Green Park Joins Play It Green

Green Park, a global talent advisory firm, is a leader in creating diverse senior leadership teams and more equitable workplace cultures.

Being a company that champions equality, diversity and inclusion it follows that their team also loves the planet!

Now, Green Park has joined forces with Play It Green and has a climate positive workforce.

This is to educate and engage its team on sustainability and conscious consumerism.

Not only that, but they are planting 13 trees every month for every team to rebalance their personal footprints.

As well as this, 10% of all the revenues provided are regiven to Green Park’s chosen Charity, Mind.

The company also has access to Play It Green’s Net Zero Framework and network of sustainable suppliers including Carbon Footprint Reporting and Reduction Plans.

We caught up with their CEO, Raj Tulsiani to find out more about Green Park and what the future holds for this already impactful business!

Please, tell us about Green Park

Green Park is an industry pioneer offering global talent advisory services to organisations determined to attract, retain and improve more diverse, inclusive, productive, forward-looking leaders, whilst fostering more  equitable workplace cultures. 

Our services include Executive Search, Interim Management, DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Ethics) consultancy, People Solutions, and Leadership Advisory

Green Park has over 16 years of cross-sector expertise, working in 55 Counties, with 100’s of highly complex organisations, helping to build a leadership teams that brings the future into focus and workforce cultures that are both sustainable, and a magnet for talent.

Everything that we do is underpinned by data, evidence, lived experience, networks, and fresh research which enables us to co-create solutions for clients which can be tried, tested and trusted, sustainable and for some, lead to transformational changes

Since 2006, our unparalleled access to the lived experience of the most diverse range of candidates matched with a growing global client list of organisations, has enabled us to invest in new tools, new methodologies, and the ability to campaign for change through our Foundation and as a co-founder of Race Equality Matters.

Put simply, we use our capabilities to enhance all other peoples.

Why is sustainability important to you and Green Park?

Green Park has made a commitment to supporting positive social and environmental impact.

Through the Green Park Foundation we aim to deliver £1million of social value per annum, working with grassroot organisations to improve the lives of young people.

We are also creating more sustainable, equitable business environment that nurtures both aspiration and opportunity.

Why did you decide to join Play It Green?

We were keen to continue with the approach to plant trees in recognition of every placement we made through our search services, as part of our DNA deep commitment to tangible and sustainable action.

Richard’s passion  stood out for us, and we wanted to work with  Play it Green as it offered a solution that would support and engage Green Park employees in also becoming more sustainable in both life and work. 

The regular hints and tips provided to each individual will help our aim to  make a positive social and environmental impact.

What does the future hold for Green Park?

Hopefully, we can continue to exceed customer expectations, growing and remaining driven by our desire to help people think differently about talent. 

We have some large global clients and some small agile founder-led ones, hopefully, we can help enable all leaders to make more inclusive choices that maximize organisational performance and productivity, and bring a more sustainable future into focus.

We will do this by utilising our pioneering in-house capabilities like Race Equality Week to build expertise and knowledge, and innovate to match our customer’s appetite, to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of our sector.


Raj Tulsiani, CEO Green Park

“Green Park is delighted to have joined Play it Green, as the value system that both organisations operate within are very similar. 

Both are focused on positive change, action, supporting others and providing the knowledge and capabilities for individuals to make a difference, whether in their personal, professional or societal roles. 

We are also pleased that the partnership with Play it Green, not only will be a sustainable way to thank our placed candidates but is also a way to thank our own employees for all their support and commitment.”

Green Park CEO - Raj Tulsiani
Green Park CEO - Raj Tulsiani

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder Play It Green

“When I first met Raj, I could see that we shared a lot of positive values and I simply love what Green Park is doing.

DEI and good employment is part of doing business in a better way, as well as sustainability.

I am proud that our two companies have aligned to create even more positive change.”

Green Park - Play It Green Co-Founder Richard Dickson
Play It Green Co-Founder - Richard Dickson

Play It Green is a subscription service that helps people and businesses go on a journey of sustainability.

Through our 3-step solution, we support footprint reduction, repairing the planet (through reforestation) and increasing social impact by regiving 10% of our turnover to charity.

Businesses get access to our Net Zero Framework, a network of sustainability services and support on the whole journey of sustainability.

Join for just £5 per person per month.

That’s a lot of positive impact and value for less than a coffee and a piece of cake!

Join Play It Green

And be the solution to climate change
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