Green Strides: Sustainability News for 4th March

Green Strides: Introduction

Welcome back to Play It Green’s Weekly Sustainability News, where we celebrate the positive green strides being made for a sustainable future. This week, we’re highlighting three incredible achievements that are shaping a greener world. From Sysco GB’s innovative approach to carbon labelling, and Google’s use of AI in tracking methane emissions, to the record-breaking corporate investment in clean energy.

Each story is a testament to the power of innovative thinking and commitment to environmental stewardship. Our focus is on the people and organisations behind these initiatives, showcasing their contributions and the impact of their work. Join us as we delve into these inspiring developments.

Green Strides: Sysco GB Rolls Out Carbon Labelling Platform

Sysco GB, a major player in the wholesale food industry, is taking a significant step towards sustainability by launching a carbon labelling platform called ‘Foodprint.’ This initiative, developed in partnership with Nutritics, aims to help chefs create more sustainable menus.

They do this by tracking and managing the water and carbon impact of their dishes. The automated impact scoring system of Foodprint will be applied to all Brakes products, enhancing transparency in food choices.

This move by Sysco GB is a response to the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible food options. The Foodprint system will enable customers to make informed decisions based on the environmental impact of their food.

According to Sysco GB, the platform will make it easier for chefs and consumers to understand the carbon footprint of their food choices, promoting a shift towards more sustainable dining practices.

Pete Statham, Head of Sustainability and Government Relations commented:

Green Strides Sysco GB has taken a huge green stride with their new FoodPrint carbon labelling
Sysco GB has taken a huge green stride with its new FoodPrint carbon labelling

“Over 90% of our carbon footprint is the food that we sell, so educating our team and supporting customers on the design and development of menus and the products they are sourcing is vital to us playing our part in tackling climate change.” This initiative is expected to set a trend in the food service sector, encouraging other companies to adopt similar transparent practices. Great work Sysco GB!

Green Strides: Google to Use AI to Track Methane Hotspots

Google, partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), is pioneering a project to monitor methane emissions. They will use artificial intelligence (AI) and satellite imagery. The MethaneSAT satellite is set to launch this month.

Amazingly, it will provide a detailed global mapping of methane emissions, focusing on major oil and gas production areas. Methane significantly contributes to global warming. It’s responsible for about a third of the increase in temperatures since the Industrial Revolution.

MethaneSAT will perform 15 daily Earth orbits. Google’s AI algorithms will identify oil and gas infrastructure, such as storage tanks and pump jacks. These components often leak methane. The satellite’s data on emissions will be overlayed with Google’s map. This will help understand which oil and gas equipment tends to leak the most.

The data will be available through Google Earth Engine. This geospatial analysis platform will be accessible later this year. Earth Engine is free for researchers, nonprofits, and the news media.

Green Strides Google is using its AI power to help track methane hotspots across the globe
Google is using its AI power to help track methane hotspots across the globe

Yael Maguire, Google’s Vice President of Geo Sustainability, sees great value in this information. He believes it’s vital for energy companies, researchers, and the public sector. They can anticipate and mitigate methane emissions in components that are generally most susceptible. Great work, Google!

Green Strides: Corporate Clean Energy Buying Reached Record High in 2023

In 2023, corporate clean energy purchasing reached a new peak. Companies globally announced 46 gigawatts (GW) of solar and wind power purchase agreements (PPAs). This marks a 12% increase from the previous year.

BloombergNEF’s report indicates that favourable economics in key regions and imminent corporate clean energy goals were the main catalysts for this growth.

Europe experienced the most significant increase, with its corporate PPA volumes growing 74% to 15.4 GW. 

The easing of supply chain issues and normalisation of gas balances led to a drop in PPA prices. This made them more attractive for signing deals.

The United States, although remaining the largest PPA market, saw a 16% decrease in deals announced. This was attributed to weaker economic conditions for PPAs compared to Europe.

Kyle Harrison, Head of Sustainability Research at BloombergNEF, said: ‘It has never been easier to buy clean energy as a corporation.

Green Strides 2023 saw record green energy purchases by corporates across the globe
2023 saw record green energy purchases by corporates across the globe

For the first time, a variety of contracting structures are now widely available around the world to help companies decarbonise their energy consumption. These contracts are now the centrepiece in many companies’ sustainability strategies, rather than a nice-to-have.’ The continuous growth in corporate clean energy buying signifies a strong commitment from the private sector towards sustainable energy consumption.

Green Strides: Wrap Up

This week’s stories in Play It Green’s Sustainability News highlight significant strides in the tech industry and corporate world. These initiatives show how innovative solutions and corporate leadership are pivotal in our sustainability journey. They underscore the need for collaborative and forward-thinking approaches.

As we continue to support these impactful endeavours, we are reminded that each step brings us closer to a greener planet. Let’s stay inspired and committed to these transformative efforts. Not only that but let’s use this inspiration to create positive changes of our own, changes that are strengthened by our Play It Green community!

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

Ready to take your commitment to sustainability to the next level? Play It Green stands as your partner in creating positive environmental change. From educational resources on sustainable practices and signposting to sustainable services to initiatives like tree planting and social giving, Play It Green offers a holistic approach to environmental stewardship. 

Join us in the journey toward sustainability—embrace eco-conscious practices and be a force for positive change in our world. All whilst staying relevant, meeting legislation and aligning with the values of today’s consumers and employees.

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