Greystone Technology Partner With Play It Green

Greystone Technology have partnered with Play It Green to ensure they have Climate Positive Workforce, enhance their environmental actions and accelerate their journey to net-zero.


The longstanding IT services and software solutions company based in Manchester have joined the award-winning sustainability business from the same city, which has a customer base across nine countries.


Greystone will now receive ongoing support to reduce the carbon footprint of the staff and business whilst making an ongoing environmental and social impact through planting 130 trees per month and gifting money to their chosen good cause, homeless charity Shelter.


Greystone Technology, part of Greystone Consulting, help businesses make sense of IT and software solutions, even creating bespoke software that brings it all together to help reduce costs, save time and provide the data and systems to ensure businesses can focus on growth.

Ray Locke, Director and Software Engineer said “We’re delighted to join Play It Green and see real value in their three-step approach. Our team enjoy receiving the weekly carbon footprint reduction tips, and discounts to products and educational articles. It creates a real talking point and feel it shows we care for our workforce and the planet.


“We’ll utilise the net-zero framework to inform our business goals and objectives and love the fact we make an ongoing impact whilst on this journey to net zero.


“We think it’s fantastic that through Play It Green we will plant enough trees to rebalance the footprints of all the team’s personal lives, but the key to this is that Play It Green’s services allow us to understand and take action on lowering our carbon footprints, both as a business and as people; that is the key”.

The Greystone Technology Team

Chris Thair, CEO Play It Green said “We’re delighted to partner with Greystone Technology who join a large community of businesses taking more sustainable action. Whilst this is of course good for people and the planet, we don’t shy away from the fact this is good for business. Being sustainable is now an integral part of any progressive businesses growth strategy.


“Play It Green want people to enjoy their journey to net zero, to make change easier, affordable and accessible. Greystone Technology, who already have a fantastic reputation, join a number of progressive businesses across the UK taking more sustainable action and we are proud to sharing the journey together.


Greystone provides managed IT support services, cloud consultancy, cyber-security, and bespoke software solutions to help companies get the best from their IT systems and meet their business objectives. Creating and delivering bespoke IT solutions that significantly improve operating capability, add top-line value and reduce costs. Created by placing a strong emphasis on B2B technology, e-capability, and core business management systems.


All the trees are guaranteed to be planted and can be tracked by the public through the Greystone Consultancy Forest Garden here


Make Your Workforce Climate Positive today by signing up to Play It Green

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