Grid Edge Makes a Sustainable Statement with Play It Green

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence software company, Grid Edge, has joined the Play It Green community and now has a Climate Positive Workforce, joining a growing number of businesses on their journey to Net Zero with us.


We recently caught up with CEO, Paul McCorquodale, to find out more about Grid Edge, why they joined Play It Green and what the future holds for the cutting-edge technology company.

Please, tell us a little about Grid Edge

Grid Edge uses AI to predict carbon and energy crimes in commercial buildings, enabling intervention to stop carbon crime from ever happening.


We provide a simple digital net zero energy journey for building operators.


Our system uses holistic data from thousands of points across a building’s infrastructure, including meters, sub-meters, IOT sensors and pre-existing BMS (Building Management System).


Our algorithms and machine learning combine with grid and external data such as weather conditions, comfort levels, energy prices and carbon intensity to provide recommendations that will reduce future carbon and energy usage.


All of this is presented on a custom, dynamic and user-friendly interface that allows companies to optimise their energy management strategies; helping make the race to net zero a sprint rather than a marathon.

Data-driven insights help you reduce energy demand with efficiency savings and improved operations and control

Why is sustainability important to you?

To put it simply, our planet is hurting and we will soon reach a time when it cannot heal from the damage caused.



BUT WE DO HAVE TIME, and though 7 years may not seem like a long time to heal a couple of centuries of suffering we believe it is doable and we want to help.



We also recognise that we are not alone in our ambition and that many other parties, whether they be individuals or organisations, also want to play their part. 



In order to help these organisations become more sustainable in their energy usage and building management and (ultimately) help the planet we need to believe that a sustainable future is achievable and that everyone has a part to play.

Why did you join Play It Green?

Grid Edge is fortunate to be comprised of a group of like-minded people: people that care about the planet and its betterment.


We take great pride in being able to contribute to that goal through our work- however, we also want to extend our passion for the environment beyond our computer screens and become more sustainable as a group of individuals as well as an organisation.


Play it Green is an excellent way to guide us through those crucial lifestyle changes and help us continue on our path of sustainability after we’ve logged off work.


And knowing that the whole organisation is participating alongside you makes it all the better; a shared experience helps in strengthing the feeling of teamwork and community that bolsters and uplifts you in your efforts.

What does the future hold for Grid Edge?

We have proven the technology, now we are focusing on making it easier and more accessible for businesses all over the world to leverage Grid Edge technology.


At the moment it takes a lot of hard work to even see the energy usage from commercial assets.


We want to make it simple, where Grid Edge does all the hard work in the background to enable building operators to remain in control and approve the recommendations that realise the benefits.


In the near future, more businesses will also be able to leverage our wider capabilities in EV charging and Renewable energy source management.

“The solution isn’t simple and Play it Green’s 3-step approach recognises that. Our team wants to reduce our footprint by targeting the root cause and changing our habits/actions.


We know that takes time, therefore offsetting our carbon footprints while we evolve means we can have some positive impact that also supports people and good causes”

Paul McCorquodale, CEO, Grid Edge

“I have known Paul for several years and followed his career closely. When he joined Grid Edge AI with a mission to reduce carbon energy crimes in commercial buildings, I knew our journeys had aligned. That’s why I am so excited to be collaborating to make the world a better place.”

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green

Be the climate solution… Reduce! Regive! Repair!

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