Habitat Escapes Do Climate Positive Bookings

Habitat Escapes Do Climate Positive Bookings with Play It Green

Holiday rental company, Habitat Escapes have teamed up with Play It Green to offer Climate Positive Bookings.

This sustainability initiative is offered to their customers at Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and Silverlake in Dorset.

It is being done as part of their drive to enhance their ongoing sustainability work.

Climate Positive Bookings is a unique free initiative run by Play It Green and their Holiday Park Management Software partner, Elite Dynamics.

The service provides customers with the option to plant trees to rebalance their holiday journey.

Every pound plants two trees and passes on ten pence to a good cause of each Holiday Estate’s choosing.

Climate Friendly Holiday Locations

Habitat Escapes Do Climate Positive Bookings
Habitat First Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds

Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and Silverlake in Dorset are two of UK’s most beautiful and environmentally friendly holiday locations.

Both estates are run by holiday rental company Habitat Escapes, part of Habitat First Group, and take great pride in their environmental credentials.

Climate Positive Bookings - Thoughts from Habitat Escapes

Dr Phoebe Carter, CEnv.
Head of Environment and Sustainability

“For twenty-five years we have worked on creating pioneering sustainable homes on our estates, wonderful experiences and a true connection between people and the environment.

We see great synergy with Play It Green’s three-step solution to climate change.

The focus on reducing carbon footprints whilst making an ongoing positive environmental and social impact is a shared aim.

Climate Positive Bookings just adds to our offer.

It is simple to deliver and will certainly help the planet, our local community and the overall business.

Within a short period, thanks to all those who stay with us, Habitat Escapes will have created a brand new Forest in this world.

That alone is a wonderful legacy to leave”.

Habitat Escapes Do Climate Positive Bookings - Dr Phoebe Carter
Dr Phoebe Carter

Climate Positive Bookings - Thoughts from Play It Green

Habitat Escapes Do Climate Positive Bookings - Chris Thair
Chris Thair

Chris Thair
Ceo and Co-Founder

“Habitat First Group is one of the world’s leading holiday rental operators on sustainability.

We are delighted to announce the new partnership and our shared business values and look forward to a long-standing relationship.    

“We believe it is only through the collective and combined efforts of the many that real change is made.

Climate Positive Bookings builds upon our community of people and businesses making that positive change.

Our services help Habitat Escapes build upon the fantastic work already taking place at the company.”

Play It Green & Climate Positive Bookings

Climate Positive Bookings - Sustainable Development goals
Climate Positive Bookings supports the UN SDGs

Play It Green specialises in helping people and businesses lower their carbon footprints. 

Our unique three-step solution ensures members make an ongoing environmental and social impact whilst on their journey to net zero.

This is done by planting trees and regifting to good causes. 

Also, tree planting in Madagascar supports ten of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Part of the Climate Positive Booking service is the use of footprint reduction tips, graphics and discounts.

As well as receiving tips, these can be integrated into customer messaging and newsletters. 

A subscribing business also benefits from education on sustainability, best practices, template policies, and footprint reduction plans.


Habitat Escapes & Climate Positive Bookings

Pioneering Sustainable Homes

For 25 years Habitat First Group’s pioneering sustainable homes at Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and Silverlake in Dorset have been helping improve the environment and living costs.

As well as this, both eco-friendly estates are home to a range of waterways and trails for visitors to explore, filled with habitats for rare species of animals and plants.

The latest holiday homes at Lower Mill Estate and Silverlake have been designed to conserve energy and save money, whilst also boosting native biodiversity.

Not only that, but Habitat First Group’s latest village holiday home designs include air source heat pumps firing underfloor heating throughout.

Climate Positive Bookings - Habitat First Group
Habitat Escapes boost native biodiversity
Habitat First Group biodiversity
Enjoy nature and make your booking climate positive

Habitat First Group has a commitment to deliver an environmentally-responsible, carbon-neutral business by 2030.

This plan is already well underway, with electric charging points found across the estates, sustainable builds and extensive habitat creation.

Those staying with Habitat Escapes at Lower Mill Estate and Silverlake are encouraged to live consciously and responsibly while on the estate and at home.

At Lower Mill Estate, Ballihoo restaurant contains a zero-waste shop selling local produce and encourages visitors to bring their own containers to fill up rather than use plastics.

Climate Positive Bookings

A simple, no cost, impact solution

Any holiday, entertainment or hospitality business can run Climate Positive Bookings with Play It Green.

A simple, no-cost solution through a platform that integrates seamlessly with your business.

Customers have the option to add this whilst booking and every £1 will plant two new trees and regift 10p to a good cause of your choice.

The trees are planted in Madagascar which has been ravaged by deforestation.

They are protected long-term and cared for by local people who gain employment.

It’s a great solution to support a fragile ecosystem and economy.

As well as this it ensures that there are more trees feeding the lungs of our planet.

Habitat Escapes Do Climate Positive Bookings - Badge

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