Happy Eco News 6.2.23.

Focusing On the Positives for You

On Mondays, Play It Green delivers you happy eco news, so that you can start your week with a dose of good vibes and positivity.

We love to shine a light on all the positive changes happening in sustainability news and the individuals that help make it happen.

Hopefully, spending a minute reading what is happening will help to motivate you to make your own sustainable changes.

With all that being said, here are three amazing eco news stories that have happened recently.

Fantastic Eco News as US Study Finds Renewables Cheaper than Coal

Late last week, The Energy Innovation Policy & Technology think tank released a new report comparing the costs of operating coal plants versus renewable energy.

Their survey shows that when looking at the economics, “the cost of new clean energy technologies has plummeted over the past decade while coal costs have stayed flat or risen.’

What was the conclusion of their investigation?

They concluded that 209 of the 210 coal plants studied are more expensive to operate than if their generation capacity was replaced with solar or wind power.

The cost savings are significant being around 30%.

To put that number into perspective, the savings are so much that in many cases, they cover the cost of adding batteries to improve grid reliability.

The report finished up by saying:

“The economics are clear, Solar and wind offer much cheaper power compared to coal and without compromising the reliability of our electricity system.”

Happy Eco News US Study Finds Renewable Cheaper Than Coal
Study finds that renewables are cheaper than coal

So, it’s official – it’s cheaper (and more profitable) to do the right thing and go green when it comes to energy production.

Now that is happy eco news!

Amazing Eco News as Ozone Hole is Healing

In findings of recent United Nations research, the Earth’s protective ozone layer is slowly but significantly repairing itself.

At this rate, it is calculated that the hole above Antarctica will be fully repaired in about 43 years – happy eco news indeed!

This recovery comes more than 35 years after all countries committed to stopping the ozone-depleting compounds.

The world is protected from the sun’s potent UV radiation.

This is linked to skin cancer, cataracts, and crop damage, by the ozone layer.

Did you know, this layer of gas lies between 10 and 50 kilometres above the surface of the Earth?

According to Paul Newman, co-chair of the UN committee that reviews the condition of the ozone layer every four years:

“In the high stratosphere and in the ozone hole we see things getting better.”

A 1987 accord known as the Montreal Protocol forbade a class of chemicals that caused ozone depletion.

Happy Eco News as The ozone hole over the antarctic is healing
The ozone hole over the Antarctic is healing

Now 35 years later we are seeing the positive impact of a global shift in behaviour.

This gives us all a reason to be happy when it comes to sustainability news – global change is possible, and this sets the precedent!

Incredible Eco News as Company Makes Cookie from Waste

In happy eco news from the US, a company is introducing a novel idea around recycling!

Brewer’s Foods has just introduced its new recycled and sustainable chocolate chip cookie.

The cookie is the most recent product in Brewer’s Foods’ well-liked line-up of recycled flatbread crackers and pita chips.

The cookie is the most recent product in Brewer’s Foods’ well-liked line-up of recycled flatbread crackers and pita chips.

Only the best ingredients are used to make this delectable delicacy.

This innovative cookie is consistent with Brewer’s Foods’ commitment to sustainability and upcycling.

The ingredients used to make the cookie are upcycled.

Upcycled means they were previously utilised but are now being used again in a different way.

This contributes to resource conservation and waste reduction.

As well as this, they are known as a “spent grain” company, driving the movement to cut down food waste in the brewing sector.

Happy eco news Brewers Food make cookie from brewing waste
Brewers Food make cookie from brewing waste

They use the leftover grain from brewers to make these cookies (along with the sustainably sourced ingredients listed above).

This is a fantastic model for other businesses to use and shows that through collaboration, positive and sustainable outcomes can be achieved.

What amazing and happy eco news for a Monday morning!

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