How to run a campaign?

Running a successful campaign

So, your campaign is set up and now you wish to reach your target of 500 Trees or getting 100 people to take your challenge.

Here is what Play It Green recommends to ensure your campaign is a huge success

Ensure the Campaign page you have set up has great text and images. This is the page everyone will land on before making a donation so it is important to have an engaging heading, a strong personal statement and great imagery

Start and end dates help give your campaign ongoing momentum. Clear timelines allow you make a big splash when launching, keep people updated on your progress in the middle and then rally people before the deadline

Social media posts, emails and text/whatsapp messages are your number 1 tools to engage people into donating on your Forest Garden page Get Advocates. Instead of only you sharing your campaign page, ask 10 of your closest contacts to share the challenge on your behalf

Get people involved in your campaign by doing a challenge together. Traditional challenges are running a mile or cutting your hair off however we also advocate challenges that relate to Play It Green's 3 step solution to climate change: reducing footprints, repairing the planet through planting trees and regifting funds to good causes

Challenges that work are things that can be fun like "hug a tree" or one with meaning "reduce meat intake and have a vegetarian meal" etc. Before launching you could get agreement from a large number of people that you will do the challenge together that way each person can share the challenge and your impact will grow even more

Every £1 donation plants 2 trees, regifts 10p to your selected good cause and directly supports 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The trees are a great story, so to is your charity and all these are great stories to share during your campaign

Thank people for their donations. Did you know every campaign has a leaderboard highlighting all those that have supported you. Sharing your top 10 supporters will create competition between people and help generate more donations

Keep it simple. Even this page is over complicating "How to Run a Campaign" when the truth is, you just need to share the page and ask people to contribute. The reason why you're asking will be personal to you. Have some fun and just do it!

3 step solution - Reduce Repair Regive
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