How to Create a Campaign?

How to Create a Campaign

Campaigns are set up through your Forest Garden and provide you with the perfect reason to share your net zero aspirations and make a bigger impact by engaging others.

Setting up your first campaign

An example of a simple campaign would be setting up “Plant Trees for My Birthday”, putting suitable text and images on the dedicated webpage for the campaign and then sharing this on social media.

Engaging others in you campaign

Your campaign page allows friends to make a payment with every £1 planting 2 trees and passing on 10% to your selected good cause. Every campaign is linked to your main Forest Garden page and your overall tree counter goes up will go up with each donation.

Create as many campaigns as you want

You can create as many campaigns as you want and each campaign will have its own dedicated page for you to personalise and share. 

Each campaign gives you the change to engage others and increase your impact.

How to create a Campaign…

Log into your Forest Garden page, navigate to the Campaigns section and click “Start New Campaign”
Give your campaign a Title and Description
Choose the campaign goal that best aligns with your target goals
Upload the campaign icon (200w x200h pix) and picture (840w x230h pix)

Select whether the campaign will end automatically once the goal is met

Select whether the campaign is private (only shows in your Forest Garden) or public
Complete the process by clicking “Create Campaign”
You will then see your new campaign in your Campaigns Section and it is editable at any time
Click the Share button to share the campaign with your friends and colleagues
That’s it. You are running a campaign and increasing your impact!

Run a Sustainability Challenge

Running a challenge

All Play It Green Sustainability Challenges will involve 3 steps are simple to set up and the more people you engage with, the more change you can create

Undertake a challenge that relates to reducing carbon footprints For example, ‘Eat a meat-free meal’, and get challengers to take a photo
Get participants to make a donation to your campaign. Every £1 plants 2 trees and gifts 10% to your good cause
Ask participants to post on social media tagging you and #PlayItGreen in the post…That’s it a behaviour changing challenge all set up
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