How to Start a Green Business and Become an Ecopreneur

Guest article by Lacie Martin from Raise Them Well

This week’s business tip comes from our friend, Lacie Martin at Raise Them Well and features some great advice for all the budding eco-entrepreneurs out there looking to set up a business or even a side hustle.

The world needs more eco-focused business leaders and the data is there to support the fact that businesses with a carbon reduction plan and embrace sustainability do better.

How to Start a Green Business and Become an Ecopreneur

Ecopreneurs are business-minded individuals who are passionate about the environment and understand that the planet should always come before profits.

Thankfully, today’s consumers also care about the planet!

Many shoppers are interested in supporting brands that share their social responsibility values.

We’ve put together a quick guide packed with tips and resources to help you bring your green business idea to life!

Tackle a Few Startup Steps

Like any business, your green business will need to navigate some basic start-up steps like registering with your state and creating a business plan.

Strive for Sustainability Across All Areas of Your Business

Even if your overarching business idea is eco-friendly, try to implement sustainability throughout your business so you can minimize your impact on the planet.

Advertise Your Sustainable Brand

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool for eco-friendly businesses. Just be careful to avoid greenwashing!

Sustainability is the Future of Business

If we want this planet to survive and thrive in the years ahead, more business owners need to consider their environmental impact and view profitability as a side effect of good social responsibility practices rather than an end goal.

Start brainstorming your eco-friendly business plan today!




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