Insight6 South Wales Drives Sustainability with Play It Green

Insight6 South Wales, a leading provider of end-to-end customer experience solutions for professional service firms, has partnered with Play It Green to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.


Insight6 are the only Customer Experience specialists in the UK and Ireland with 25 experts across the country supporting over 1000 clients, designing and delivering some of the most advanced feedback programmes in the world. Through their partnership with Play it Green, Insight6 South Wales will now be provided with the weekly tips and tools to lower their carbon footprint and accelerate their journey to net-zero, while also making an immediate environmental and social impact through the trees they plant.


Enough trees are planted every month to more than rebalance the carbon footprint of their staff’s personal lives and all their work-related travel. This helps lift vulnerable people out of poverty, as they are employed not only to plant but to care for the trees as they grow in developing areas of the world.

The Director of Insight6, Mel Evans, said on the partnership, “I think Play It Green is helping us all make a contribution and I fully support that we all have to start somewhere, if we all do a lot of small things together we will begin to make an impact. Let’s not wait until we get all the answers or it will be too late!”

Make Your Workforce Climate Positive

Join the movement of businesses reducing their footprint, repairing the planet, and regiving to a good cause.

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder of Play it Green, added, “Sustainability starts with education and is a journey of change that won’t happen overnight. I am really excited that Insight6 have joined Play It Green’s community and now has a Climate Positive Workforce. All the team now receive tips, discounts and education to create sustainable change and have the full support of the Play It Green community on their journey to Net Zero.”

As part of the new partnership with Play it Green, Insight6 will receive a weekly sustainability tip and related discount on a product to help drive behaviour change, enhance the culture, and lower their carbon footprint. The weekly correspondence includes sustainability articles to ensure members not only become more climate aware but more aware of the solutions available to make progress in this area.


Through Play it Green’s unique three-step solution to climate change, Reduce, Repair, Regive, a tenth of all revenues also go to a good cause of the member’s choice. Insight6 has chosen the WWF, supporting wildlife and biodiversity around the globe.


Insight6 will review the nine key programme areas in Play it Green’s Net Zero Framework, free to access for all of our business members to help them drive down their footprint even further.


All the trees are guaranteed to be planted and can be tracked by the public through the Insight6 S Wales Forest Garden.

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