Inspirational Eco News 24th April 2023

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Inspirational Eco News from Clean Creatives

Clean Creatives campaign group reports that over 500 organisations and individuals from the advertising and PR industry have pledged not to work with fossil fuel companies. In particular on issues like communications and recruitment. The campaign, which has been running for two and a half years, has attracted pledges from advertising, communications, and graphic design agencies. As well as this, recruitment agencies, and individuals around the world.

The organisation’s executive director, Duncan Meisel, says that the advertising industry is changing. These agencies are leading a historic shift away from polluting clients. He believes that the agencies’ pledges demonstrate that it’s possible to grow a powerful creative business without relying on fossil fuel clients.

Clean Creatives campaigns to raise awareness of the fossil fuel industry’s influence in advertising and marketing. As well as this, they have an annual F-List report that names the advertising and PR companies working for the fossil fuel industry. Last year, the campaign convened over 450 scientists. They issued a letter calling on PR and advertising agencies to introduce measures to stop the spread of climate “disinformation.”

Inspirational Eco News - Clean Creatives now have over 500 members that have agreed to support their cause
Clean Creatives now have over 500 members that have agreed to support their cause

The scientists urged the agencies to drop fossil fuel clients that plan to expand the production of oil and gas. They cite fossil fuel companies’ use of agencies to spread misinformation about their own sustainability efforts. The campaign hopes that these pledges will inspire others to join the transition away from polluting clients.

Well done to Duncan Meisel and clean creatives for giving us such inspirational eco news!

Inspirational Eco News from Ripple Energy

Renewable energy company Ripple Energy and RES have launched a shared solar park, Derril Water Solar Park, located in Devon. This innovative project will allow households in the area to purchase shares in the park. 10% of ownership is ringfenced for local households and businesses.

The remaining 90% of the park is open for purchase by people across the UK. Furthermore, the community will benefit from a £1,000/MW annual fund.
The park will generate up to 42MW of power. This provides electricity for up to 14,000 homes and reduces CO2 emissions by 19,000 tonnes per year. The developers have also prioritised biodiversity. They do this by designing the park to deliver a net gain in biodiversity. Only 4% of the land is occupied by infrastructure.

This project is a significant step towards meeting the UK’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. It also provides an excellent example of consumer ownership in renewable energy. Ripple Energy’s CEO, Sarah Merrick, hopes that the Derril Water Solar Park will serve as a blueprint for future consumer-owned solar parks.

Inspirational Eco News - Ripple Energy has launched a shared solar park in Devon helping the UK clean energy transition
Ripple Energy has launched a shared solar park in Devon helping the UK clean energy transition

With the UK on track to double its solar capacity by 2030, projects like Derril Water Solar Park are essential in meeting the country’s climate targets.

Well done to Sarah Merrick and Ripple Energy for making more inspirational eco news

Inspirational Eco News from Envision

Envision Racing, the British Formula E race team has launched a global call to address the growing problem of electronic waste. They also support the transition to e-mobility. Envision has partnered with British artist and designer Liam Hopkins to increase awareness of the need to reuse and recycle old electrical products. 

The team has launched the Waste to Race competition. It aims to explain why we need to reuse and recycle electronic waste and how children and young people can get involved. The winners will share their design ideas with the world. Not only that but they win a sustainably sourced laptop, along with Envision Racing and Formula E special prizes.

British artist Liam Hopkins is building a full-size replica Formula E racing car. It is built from e-waste and will be unveiled to television audiences on BBC’s Blue Peter. The episode will air on July 14, where the presenter will donate their e-waste to help build the race car. In addition, the car will also be launched to wider media at the London E-Prix in July. Envision Racing driver Sébastien Buemi explained the importance of reusing and recycling electrical waste, and how children and young people can get involved.

Inspirational Eco News - Envision Racing has launched a campaign to raise awareness of E-Waste
Envision Racing has launched a campaign to raise awareness of E-Waste

Envision Racing is visiting schools across the UK with its new Gen 3 e-racing car to build the profile of the campaign. They will preview the competition at the Manchester City Council Climate Champions event. The racing team aims to turn electronic waste, which is one of the world’s greatest challenges, into an opportunity. One that sits at the heart of the renewable revolution.

Well done to Sylvain Filippi and Envision Racing for creating such inspirational eco news!

That’s a Wrap

This week’s inspirational eco news has highlighted some remarkable initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices and protecting our planet. These efforts demonstrate that individuals, organisations, and corporations are taking meaningful steps to reduce their environmental impact. Let’s continue to celebrate and support these inspiring initiatives, and work towards a cleaner, greener future for all.

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