Inspiring Eco News 10th April 2023

Inspiring Eco News For You

Welcome to this week’s inspiring eco news! In this week’s edition, we have some exciting updates from companies and organisations committed to protecting our planet. From new strategies to restore and protect nature to ambitious climate goals, there’s plenty to feel hopeful about. So, let’s dive in and learn more about the positive changes happening around us. Don’t miss out on the chance to be inspired and take action to make a difference. Read on to find out more.

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Inspiring Eco News from LABELL-D

Inspiring Eco news from LABELL-D! They’ve unveiled their Luxury Asset Exchange, which is set to change the way we shop and protect the value of our fashion products. The best part? It’s also great for the environment!

So, what is this Luxury Asset Exchange? Essentially, it’s a platform that links the first and second-hand markets, transforming products into valuable assets. This means that your purchases can now be considered wearable liquid assets, which is pretty cool.

But that’s not all – the platform also benefits brands and retailers. It does this by providing them with loyalty and royalties on each trade. Plus, with the platform’s technology, you can authenticate a product’s ownership history and know the true value of your luxury items.

The CEO and Co-Founder of LABELL-D, Julia Vendramin, has worked for Hugo Boss, Burberry, and Smythson. So she knows what she’s doing. The company has already been seed funded by angel investors and has over 75,000 active users, with 35 high-end brands, including Gucci and Burberry.

Inspiring Eco News - LABELL-D is creating circularity and value in the fashion world
LABELL-D is creating circularity and value in the fashion world

The Luxury Asset Exchange is a scalable platform in the luxury market, with fashion as just the first step. The platform also targets the younger generation. It follows that around 75% of active users belong to the Gen Z/Millennial age group. This highlights a shift in mindset and behavioural patterns across generations. A shift towards sustainability and circularity.

Inspiring Eco News from Salesforce

Salesforce has unveiled its Nature Positive Strategy, a plan to protect and restore nature. The plan aligns with the recommendations of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). The strategy aims to reduce the company’s impact on nature across its value chain and operations. It will measure, manage and develop an action plan to achieve nature-positive outcomes by 2025.

Salesforce is already taking part in the TNFD’s pilot phase ahead of its launch later this year. It plans to invest in initiatives to restore nature at scale. This includes planting 100 million trees by 2030 and accelerating a Mangrove Breakthrough initiative to restore and protect mangroves at scale. The company also aims to expand its Cloud solutions to help customers embrace nature restoration and climate action.

Salesforce’s chief impact officer, Suzanne DiBianca, said that: “incorporating nature into the company’s decision-making is not just about managing risks and costs, but also about value creation, innovation, and collaboration.” She believes that Salesforce’s new strategy will allow it to contribute to the delivery of the Paris-style deal agreed upon at COP15. The deal made in Montreal aims to protect and restore nature across the globe.

Inspiring Eco News - Salesforce, like many Play It Green members is committed to Mangrove replenishment
Salesforce, like many Play It Green members is committed to Mangrove replenishment

Salesforce’s efforts to reduce emissions and embed sustainability into its decision-making process are commendable. Furthermore, seeing a major corporation take bold steps to protect and restore nature is extremely encouraging.

Inspiring Eco News from NASA

NASA has appointed new leaders for its diversity, equity, and inclusion commitment. The space agency is focused on promoting accessibility and inclusivity while driving sustainable change. NASA’s latest appointment will ensure that NASA’s workforce reflects all of America.

Steve Shih was named the space agency’s first Diversity Ambassador. Also, Elaine Ho was appointed as the next associate administrator for the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity at its HQ.

NASA is committed to ESG and is working towards providing solutions to climate change. The organization understands the challenges. Furthermore, the team is focused on including everyone in the journey. NASA has a 60-page DEI plan that sets out its targets to create an equitable environment for everyone impacted by NASA’s work.

NASA’s leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion, the organisation states, is necessary for driving innovations to protect life on Earth. The US Air Force recognizes that DEI improves productivity and breeds a more comfortable working environment.

Inspiring Eco News - NASA is committed to DEI and Sustainability
NASA is committed to DEI and Sustainability

NASA is also tackling other major challenges in the realm of ESG. This includes electrification, which is a topic of conversation worldwide.
This is inspiring eco news and demonstrates that companies are realising that DEI and sustainability are interconnected. Not only that but it demonstrates a shift towards ‘better business’ practices and is definitely a reason to be cheerful!

That’s a Wrap

That’s it for this week’s inspiring eco news, highlighting the efforts of corporations and individuals alike to protect our planet. From Salesforce’s Nature Positive Strategy to LABELL-D’s circular platform, many positive steps are being taken to promote sustainability. 

We hope this news has inspired you to take action in your own life, whether it’s by reducing your carbon footprint or supporting companies that prioritise the environment. If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for Play It Green and joining a community dedicated to making a difference.

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