Join Our Partner, Automedi at Demo of Their Recycling Technology

A chance to See Award Winning Recycling Technology

One of Play It Green’s partners, Automedi is holding a demonstration day for their award winning plastic recycling technology on Thursday this week.

According to this amazing company’s CEO and founder, Ethar Alali:

“Recycling has failed to deliver.

Almost 50% of Britain’s plastic waste is exported; council services struggle to recycle anything that isn’t a bottle and contaminants mean a lot of plastics are still sent to landfill or are burned for energy, releasing 1.2 tonnes of CO2 for every 1 tonne of incinerated plastics.

Not only is the material lost, but the embodied carbon, making up to 90% of the emissions footprint accumulated from manufacturing and supply is also lost.

Multiple actors in the supply chain also make circularity difficult to implement and track.

At best, it takes 18 weeks for plastic to make its way into new products.”

Innovation in Recycling

Automedi is a brand-new way to deal with plastic.

It is less selective and offers a more resilient citywide approach to recycling through a decentralised network of circular micro-economies.

The multi-award-winning global platform is nibbling away at the plastic problem by collecting and processing waste that would otherwise be impossible to collect and dispose of.

It then turns this waste into products made through its network of 3D print vending machines able to turn waste plastics into products in as little as 25 minutes!

Book Onto a Session

On Thursday 1st December, Automedi Stockport is opening its doors to the public.

Visitors can check out the new hub and see how products are turned from waste plastic into products, try their hand at granulating plastics and see some of the resulting products made.

This is a chance to see the multi-award-winning platform in action and examine its role in sustainability and city resilience.

Anyone can sign up for one of three sessions during the day.

Light refreshments will be available and a chance to network with the rest of the cohort and even register for the service.


Reserve your free spot at:

If you do want to sign up for Automedi’s innovative plastic recycling solution, you can get 10% discount on their services if you quote ‘I want to Play It Green‘ when placing your order.

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