Kelp Diaries: Nurturing the Ocean’s Future

Kelp Diaries: Transparency & Impact, Play It Green's Way

At Play It Green, transparency is at the heart of everything we do and today sees the first of our ‘Kelp Diaries’ focusing on the amazing nature restoration our members help with. We partner with businesses not just to reduce their environmental footprints but to actively repair our planet. Our growing community is a testament to the collective effort to make a significant environmental impact.

As our community expands, so does our positive influence on the Earth. We believe in keeping everyone informed and engaged. That’s why we produce regular reports and updates like this one. These updates are not just informative; they’re catalysts for change, providing valuable insights that our community can share, creating ripples of change across the globe

Kelp Diaries: Nurturing Kelp in Our Nurseries

In partnership with our nature restoration ally Veritree, we’re nurturing the future of the oceans, starting in the cosy confines of kelp nurseries. These nurseries are where the magic begins for our oceanic giants. In this controlled sanctuary, we meticulously balance environmental factors like temperature, light, and nutrients to give young kelp spores the best start in life. Safe from natural threats, our nurseries are vital in preserving the genetic diversity of kelp, ensuring the resilience of these underwater forests for the future.

Kelp Diaries Kelp propagules in close up
Kelp propagules in magnified close up

Kelp Diaries: The Art of Efficient Kelp Cultivation

In the nurseries, such as those along the Sunshine Coast, we attach spores to carefully prepared substrates. This means using lines of twine and gravel for our kelp restoration projects. Here, the spores blossom into tiny kelp sporophytes. When they reach the ideal size, we start the efficient harvesting process. This method is not only cost-effective but crucial for large-scale restorations, allowing us to rejuvenate depleted kelp forests effectively.

Kelp Diaries: Embarking on the Outplanting Voyage

The next big step is outplanting. Recently, the Veritree team, together with Coastal Kelp experts, embarked on a significant venture. They braved the Pacific’s choppy waters to plant over 350,000 kelp sporophytes. The team skillfully unrolled seeded lines across selected restoration sites, securing them with pre-placed anchors. Our collaboration with Veritree and local communities ensures not only the legality of these plantings but also the ideal conditions for the kelp to thrive post-transplantation.

Kelp Diaries - The Kelp propagules are ready to be moved to planting sites
The Kelp propagules are ready to be moved to planting sites

Kelp Diaries: Ongoing Care and Monitoring

Post-planting, our commitment continues. With Veritree’s cutting-edge hydro-vision technology and water quality sensors, we keep a close eye on our underwater charges. Regular monitoring helps us gauge the health of the kelp and its ecosystem, addressing challenges like predation or competition. This vigilance is key to the success of our restoration efforts.

Kelp Diaries: Looking Ahead

As the planted kelp matures, it enters natural growth and reproduction cycles. Our goal is to see this burgeoning kelp integrate seamlessly into the marine ecosystem, offering habitat and nourishment to diverse marine life. With the Veritree team, with technology as our ally, we will continue monitoring these sites, planning a spring revisit for further inspection. Together with Veritree, we’re not just planting kelp; we’re growing hope for our oceans.

Kelp Diaries: Together, We Make a Difference

We encourage you to share this article and spread the word about the incredible journey of our kelp restoration project. Every share and every conversation about these initiatives contributes to a broader awareness and a stronger collective action. You, as a member of the Play It Green community, are playing a pivotal role in this journey. 

Your support and engagement are making a tangible difference in our quest to heal the planet. Together, we are not just witnesses to change; we are the driving force behind it. Thank you for being a part of this vital mission. Let’s continue to work hand in hand, creating a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

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