Kelp Restoration: A Wave of Change

Kelp Restoration: Introduction

This week, we’re excited to share an update about our kelp restoration project at Venture Point that’s making a big difference in marine ecosystems and local communities. This initiative is part of Play It Green’s three-step solution to climate change, which focuses on reducing emissions, repairing damage, and regiving to social causes. All part of regenerating the planet through sustainable practices.

In the Okisollo Channel off the coast of British Columbia, a former salmon farm is being repurposed into a thriving kelp cultivation site. This is being done under the leadership of Kristina Long, founder of Sea Forest and director of United Kelp. This cooperative of five Indigenous communities in British Columbia is working to restore the natural ecosystem and boost economic prosperity in the area.

Kelp Restoration: The Power of Kelp

Kelp is a marine plant that plays an important role in maintaining biodiversity by creating habitats and enhancing water quality. It also supports shellfish populations and acts as a nursery for various fish species. This makes it a keystone species in marine environments.

Kristina Long and her team, including members from the indigenous Wei Wai Kum Nation, started transforming the salmon pens into kelp nurseries last autumn. Despite some initial delays, they successfully installed kelp lines by January, and some of the fronds now measure 10-15 feet. Cultivating two kelp species has led to the appearance of five distinct species, demonstrating the project’s ecological success.

Kelp Restoration: Community and Sustainability at Heart

The kelp restoration project is also empowering local communities by providing new opportunities for sustainable aquaculture and intergenerational knowledge transfer. Young people and former fishermen are learning to blend traditional wisdom with modern techniques. This creates a strong sense of community and stewardship.

Sea Forest’s operations benefit from existing infrastructure, which optimises processes and reduces labour demands. The project is supported by funding from partners like you! It emphasises the importance of sustainable infrastructure and strategic resource use for environmental projects.

Kelp Restoration is being carried out in partnership with the indigenous people of the area creating social and environmental impacts
Kelp Restoration is being carried out in partnership with the indigenous people of the area creating social and environmental impacts

Kelp Restoration: Looking Forward

Looking ahead, Sea Forest aims to set a standard for sustainable aquaculture across North America. It will also establish a seed bank to preserve genetic diversity and ensure the long-term success of their operations. This initiative represents a significant stride toward repurposing our oceans for a sustainable future. It weaves a story of resilience, hope, and regeneration that resonates well beyond the local community.

Kelp Restoration: Wrap Up

We’re excited to share this story with you and to continue supporting transformative projects like this one. Stay tuned for more updates on our other initiatives. These include agroforestry efforts in Rwanda and mangrove restoration in Kenya. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change by growing, restoring, and giving back to the Earth for future generations.


Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and let’s keep making waves in the name of sustainability!

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

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