Latest Employee Research: Green Decisions Still Key

Latest Employee Research: Introduction

In this week’s business tip, we delve into the latest employee research that has been published recently. It’s not just another set of numbers; it’s a powerful insight into the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces. At Play It Green, we understand that staying ahead in the business game requires more than just financial acumen. As well as that, it’s about staying in sync with the pulse of change.

We don’t just talk about reducing your carbon footprint; we provide you with the tools to do it effectively. With that in mind, today we bring you the latest research from SaveMoneyCutCarbon and Deloitte. We do this to ensure that the information we bring is not only up-to-date but also tailored to help you strengthen your brand, stay relevant, and thrive. So, let’s explore the latest insights and embark on a sustainable path together. Read on to discover how you can lead the way in your industry.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Research

Recent findings from SaveMoneyCutCarbon reveal the growing significance of sustainability in the workplace. In the UK, a staggering 19% of employees now refuse to consider job applications from companies that don’t prioritise sustainability. Furthermore, this shift in attitude emphasises the pivotal role sustainability plays in staff satisfaction and retention.

Latest Employee Research: The Climate-Conscious Workforce

National studies underscore how climate change has become a pressing concern for today’s workforce. They offer actionable insights for companies and decision-makers to redirect their focus towards climate action. The findings from SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s study also highlight a significant lack of funding. It shows that only 18% of UK employees state that sustainability is a central element in their workplace training processes.

Latest Employee Research: Obstacles to Sustainability

The trade union Prospect’s research points to government policies as the primary obstacle to achieving net-zero emissions. Not only that, but economic factors, resistance to change, and limited resources are also cited as significant barriers. Sustainability consultants’ data aligns with these findings. It shows over 7.3 million business owners express concerns about the survival of their businesses due to a lack of government support.

Key Stats

38% (20 million) of individuals are more likely to trust businesses that actively combat climate change.

14% (7.5 million) of UK employees have taken sustainability into their own hands due to perceived employer inaction.

22% (11.7 million) exclusively support businesses that prioritise sustainability at their core.

18% (9.4 million) say that sustainability is key to the training processes at their place of work.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Research: Thoughts

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s report paints a vivid picture of 7.5 million workers who have initiated sustainable practices within their workplaces. This is due to their employers’ perceived inaction. This proactive response highlights the pressing need for businesses to embrace sustainability measures and engage employees actively in achieving net-zero goals.

Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, emphasises the urgency of cultivating a skilled and motivated workforce to realise net-zero ambitions. He states, “Working at a company without a meaningful plan to reduce its environmental impact is simply a no-go for many job seekers. For employees, frustration at their own organisation’s lack of development is leading to a new phenomenon: climate quitting.”

Deloitte Research

Deloitte’s 12th annual Gen Z and Millennial Survey, conducted in 44 countries, gives valuable insights into the mindset of the younger generations. Spanning from November to December 2022, with qualitative interviews in March 2023, this extensive survey engaged 14,483 Gen Zs and 8,373 millennials. 

Their responses offer a glimpse into how recent disruptive events have shaped their perspectives. Also revealing deep concerns about their futures, particularly in the context of climate change.

Latest Employee Research:A Driving Force in Decision-Making

The younger generation expects more from their employers when it comes to climate action. They believe that some companies have deprioritised sustainability in recent years. Gen Zs and millennials see a crucial role for employers in providing the necessary skills training for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Latest Employee Research: Employer Expectations and Climate Action

The younger generation expects more from their employers when it comes to climate action. They believe that some companies have deprioritised sustainability in recent years. Gen Zs and millennials see a crucial role for employers in providing the necessary skills training for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Latest Employee Research: Consumer Demand for Sustainability

The survey highlights a strong desire among respondents for businesses to facilitate sustainable consumer choices by making products more affordable, greening supply chains, and using sustainable packaging. Greenwashing is a concern, with a significant percentage verifying companies’ sustainability claims and certifications before making purchases.

Latest Employee Research: A Call for More Affordable Sustainability

Despite their desire to prioritise environmental sustainability, Gen Zs and millennials face challenges affording it. They call on businesses to play a more active role in enabling sustainable purchasing decisions.

Latest Employee Research: The Employer's Role in Skill Development

Gen Zs and millennials turn to their employers for skills development relevant to the low-carbon economy. While many believe their employers are already providing necessary training, this remains a critical focus area, given the climate’s impact on the job market.

Latest Employee Research: Encouraging Climate Action at the Workplace

Gen Zs and millennials are increasingly pressuring businesses to take action on climate change, emphasising the need for stronger communication of climate strategies within organisations.

Deloitte Research: Thoughts

With 800 million jobs worldwide at risk due to climate-related challenges, businesses must prioritise upskilling and retraining their workforce for the transition to a low-carbon economy. With so many Gen Zs and millennials believing their employers must do more, this commitment should remain a critical focus.

Deloitte’s “Work toward net zero” report underscores the potential to create over 300 million additional jobs globally by 2050 through decarbonisation, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to play a transformative role.

Latest Employee Research: Play It Green’s Thoughts

Climate change continues to stress Gen Zs and millennials, who express a strong demand for affordable sustainable products and services. Businesses across industries can seize this opportunity to meet consumer needs and contribute to a greener future. Additionally, these younger generations seek guidance and support from their employers in making sustainable choices in their personal lives, highlighting the importance of holistic employee support in fostering a culture of sustainability. Embracing sustainability isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a responsibility that leads to a brighter, more sustainable future.



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