Tree Planting Report July 2023

Tree Planting Report July 2023

Play it Green, thanks to our amazing members, has now planted 327,215 brand new trees, as detailed in our latest Tree Planting Report July 2023. 

The report highlights the four planting sites in Madagascar, the good the trees are doing and how each tree has been paid for. . 

These trees bring life, prosperity and a brighter future locally however for the planet they will absorb a staggering 24,148 Tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere within the next six years; and a lot more thereafter. 

Since launching in April 2021 Play It Green has released regular tree planting reports because we wish to answer all your questions and maintain our openness. Play it Green live our company values.

Watch this Heart Warming Video About the Trees

This 4 minute video shows how the reforestation of Madagascar is helping. 

The tree planting helps restore pride in people and communities, plus our balance with nature. 

Planting forests of trees brings new life, purpose and prosperity to the planet and its inhabitants. 

Another great video show in previous reports can be found here.

Tree Planting is Not The Only Answer to Climate Change

Every Play It Green subscription supports our 3 step solution to climate change #reduce #repair # regive

Play It Green is not just tree planting organisation and our service is around a rounded 3 step approach…

Step 1 #reduce

We help people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, we love doing this and it is step 1 for a reason 

Step 2 #repair 

Each £5 subscription plants 13 trees to help repair the planet through reforestation and create positive environmental impact whilst on your net zero journey 

Step 3 #regive 

10% of every subscription and tree purchase we regive a good cause of each members choice. This creates positive social impact whilst reducing your footprint

Every Tree is Protected Long Term and Not Logged

Play It Green is a multi-award-winning B-Corp accredited subscription service that helps make a big impact upon your business and personal life.

Where Does Play It Green Plant Trees?

Play It Green plants trees across 4 sites in the North West of Madagascar which has been ravaged by deforestation

Trees are planted across 4 sites in Madagascar

The 4 Tree Planting Sites in Madagascar

Antsanitia (Mangarivotra 1) Site:

Coordinates: 15°37’15.47”S, 46°26’22.70”E 

Trees Planted: Mangrove* 

Akalamboro Site

Coordinates: 16°12’34.48”S, 44°59’26.88”E

Trees Planted: Mangrove*

Vilamatsa Site

Coordinates: 16°16’17.09”S, 44°26’47.66”E

Trees Planted: Mangrove*

* Types of Mangrove include Avicennia marina, Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal, and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza


Mangaroa/Besely Site 

Coordinates: 15°52’21.03”S, 46°30’32.33”E

Trees Planted: Dry deciduous forest of over 60 different species including pioneer, baobab, and agroforestry species

See the Tree Planting Sites with Earth X

Be the first to see our developing Beta site with Earth X that provides a host of information. Please click on it and we would love to hear your feedback. The beta site gives alot of great information about our tree planting sites, the good causes we support and case studies with businesses that help drive down carbon footprints. 

This new tool will be launched soon with a big fanfare and be integrated into our website.


Click here to see an interactive map with lots of information about our activities including videos and photo. Click on “Repairing the Planet” at the bottom of the interactive map to see the tree planting sites.

How we Provide Transparency on Every Tree

Play It Green is a certified B Corp meaning we have been independently verified as having ethical and transparent governance; whilst making big environmental and social impact with revenues. 

As an act of complete transparency Play It Green publish all purchase receipts  for each and every tree. We also publish annual impact reports in our accounts published on Companies House. 

We use the biggest and most trusted tree planting partner in the world Eden Reforestation Project. Eden guarantee every tree will be planted and publish annual reports, accounts, and independent audit reports, meaning they’re independently verified.

Thank you for reading our Tree Planting Report July 2023.

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Thank You to All Our Members

Play It Green Cofounders Chris Thair and Richard Dickson

Play it Green cofounders Chris Thair and Richard Dickson give thanks to members

“Considering planting trees is only one third of what we do, we are delighted to have planted over 327,000 trees in a little over two years.

“This is down to our fantastic members. Each subscription, each Climate Positive Workforce, Event and Booking. Every business that adds trees to sales. All the people that engage others into planting trees in their their Forest Garden.

“Play It Green is delighted to have created a community of people and businesses wanting to make a difference. This is having an impact, is helping and we ask members to share their Forest Garden in celebration.

“To every member, thank you and congratulations on being part of a community that planted over 327,000 trees in a little over 2 years. 

What is a Play It Green Subscription

Play It Green is the best green subscription in the UK that will boost your ESG and cannot be beaten on value.

£5 a month gets you all this: 

  • Weekly education on sustainability 
  • Weekly footprint reduction tips and discounts 
  • 13 trees planted a month 
  • 50p regifted to your named charity
  • Free net-zero support inc. self assessment tool 
  • Lots of great marketing material 
  • Accreditation badges for business 
  • Your own personalised Forest Garden 
  • Access to Carbon Footprint Reports & more

Sign up today or email to enquire

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