Leaders Week London is a Climate Positive Event

Play It Green are delighted to announce they have partnered with Leaders in Sport to make Leaders Week London 2022 a Climate Positive Event.


This week, from 26-29 September, over 3000 of the most senior executives in the global sports business will gather in London, to share knowledge and continue to drive the industry forward.


By being accredited as a Climate Positive Event, organisers have taken clear steps to reduce its carbon footprint, engaged attendees on the issue and ensured a positive environmental and social impact has been made for each person attending.


Chris Thair CEO Play It Green said “We are extremely proud to be partnering with the one of the industries flagship events which will involve many of the leading figures and brands in sport. 


“We are finding more businesses than ever before are engaging with our three-step solution to climate change and found the Leaders in Sport team to be both knowledgeable and passionate on the subject.

“Our platform and support tools allowed members of the Leaders Sustainability team Hamish Renwick, Ellie Schute and Hannah Redfern to confidently take actions to reduce the footprint of the event, engage attendees and help leave a lasting legacy.



Together we produced a sustainable travel guide for those attending, footprint reduction tips and helped strengthen the events actions and public sustainability pledge.



“Organisers also made the commitment to plant a tree and gift money to local charity for every attendee, to classify it as a Climate Positive Event. Activated through our platform it ensures the event leaves a positive legacy of environmental and social impact, directly supporting ten of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



“Our three-step solution to climate change: reducing carbon footprints, repairing through reforestation and regiving to support social change, is our award winning service and it there to instigate change and positivity.



“We want people to feel good that a tree has just been planted and money has been passed local charity due to their attendance. We also want them to know the event has taken steps to reduce its footprint and engaged you on the issue. By doing so much it makes people and businesses reflect on their own actions and ask themselves how could they do more.



“By taking sustainable action, Leaders in Sport have started another ripple in the water that will impact upon many more. Play It Green is delighted to partner the Leaders Week London 2022 event and wish it huge success.

Through Play It Green’s model ten percent of all tree planting funds go to a good cause of each members choice. Leaders In Sport have selected two local charities to receive these funds, City Harvest London and The Felix Project, both delivering food to those in need and helping deliver more sustainable food practices.


Manchester based Play It Green is an award-winning sustainability company who help people and businesses to lower their carbon footprint whilst making an environmental and social impact on their journey to net zero. 


From their Climate Positive Workforce programme that sends weekly tips and discounts to staff, through to Carbon Footprint Reporting, they are a recognised sustainability partner to businesses across nine nations and three continents, providing Climate Positive Events and much more. 


Visit www.playitgreen.com, email info@playitgreen.com to find out more or complete the form below and one of the Play It Green team will contact you.

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