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MACK - Our Latest New Member

In our latest exciting news, Play It Green is proud to welcome MACK to our amazing, growing community. 

MACK is a UK-based biotech cleaning solution supplier located in Poole, Dorset, offering eco-friendly cleaning products focused on sustainability and safety. 

Their mission is to provide affordable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are effective without causing harm to people or the environment.

Now MACK has a climate positive workforce, access to sustainability support and a network of sustainable suppliers and service providers. Not only that, but the company is planting 10 trees per team member and regiving 10% back to its nominated charity, Sea Shepherd.

Brilliantly, MACK is now a superb option for all our members who want to take another step towards sustainability, by switching their cleaning supplies to MACK!

Best of all, if you buy your products on MACK’s site, you will have the opportunity to plant two trees and give 10p to Sea Shepherd. In our opinion, that makes MACK the most sustainable and socially responsible cleaning products in the world!

Play It Green recently caught up with Co-Founder, Ian Millar to find out more about MACK, the company’s values and what the future holds for them.

Please, tell us a little about MACK

Purchasing traditional harsh cleaning chemicals of which the majority of them state “Harmful to all aquatic life with long-lasting effects” over and over and expecting no detrimental legacy to aquatic life is ‘insanity’. By buying MACK biotech cleaning concentrates, we can promise you that our products have never been tested on animals and they quickly, quietly and safely disappear after performing perfectly – sanity.

MACK believe in the power of a natural cleaner. Powered by good bacteria and enzymes, their cleaning products effectively cut through dirt, grime and grease, keeping your surfaces clean and sanitised. 

MACK’s innovative biotechnology is vegan, planet-safe, people first with a zero legacy to our environment. Refill time and time again using their bottle for life made from Prevented Ocean Plastic.

We are all about reducing plastic waste and water consumption while making our products affordable to all.

The MACK team looking super happy in their office
The MACK team looking super happy in their office

Why is sustainability important to MACK?

The people here at MACK are water-centric. Why? Our BioTech cleaning products are used by people who clean. The cleaning process usually involves a key ingredient – water. At the front end of the process, and the back end, normally poured down the sink, drain or toilet. The vast quantity of wastewater generated from residential and commercial activities inevitably ends up in the sea, usually via a water treatment centre (but not always).   Ingredients containing phosphorus or nitrogen can contribute to nutrient-loading in water bodies, leading to adverse effects on water quality. 

However, our products only contain biosurfactants that conform to 99.99% ultimate biodegradability over 28 days according to OECD test 301. These wetting agents also provide immediate cleaning action. The MACK team are passionate about our oceans and seas, and supports organisations and charities that share our values.

Our products do not harm. They clean, shine, sanitise, then quietly and innocuously disappear to where they came from – our environment. No negative impact, no negative legacy and no collateral damage from use. 

Why did MACK decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

When we look at new partnerships we dig deep!!!!!! Many times when you look into a company they are not always what they seem on the surface.

Richard and the Play it Green team match MACK’s ethos and implementing them into MACK has been a seamless and painfree exercise.

Communication has been amazing and we are looking forward to forging a long and productive relationship with Richard and the team.

What does the future hold for MACK?

We are always striving to stay ahead of the curve with our products, services and attitude.

Three years ago MACK announced ‘The sea word shouldn’t be a dirty word’ and we are still marching to that mantra. Together with partners NOTPLA, who put seaweed at the core of everything they do, we have just completed initial testing of a 100% plastic-free biodegradable sachet negating the need for PVA. Allied to this earth-shattering development NOTPLA has prototyped MACK’s BioPod boxes made with post-production biomass (the fibrous byproduct of the seaweed extraction process) – Closing the loop on a truly circular product! 

NOTPLA and MACK are all about making packaging disappear! 

Transitioning from PVA to one of nature’s most renewable resources perfectly complements MACK’s reusable bottles made from Prevented Ocean Plastic™. These refill bottles are made using recycled plastic from the ONE BILLION bottles the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ programme has recovered over the past four years and is on track to reach the next billion in half that time.

Protecting the rest.

Big work happens behind the scenes at Sea Shepherd UK who continue to defend, conserve and protect marine ecosystems and species. MACK are delighted to support and provide non-toxic cleaning solutions for Sea Shepherd UK’s fleet of boats and crew accommodation on upcoming campaigns in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Locally, MACK volunteers on Marine Debris Beach Cleans, donating MACK products and 2% of profits to support their ongoing efforts in marine conservation. The partnership between Sea Shepherd UK and MACK works holistically to help the wider threat of water pollution and marine debris. 


Ian Millar, Co Founder, MACK

“Richard just gets us!!! From the minute I met him we were on the same level. Change is a constant and we all need to understand that the smallest positive action can, and will make a difference. MACK was founded because we decided to address one small issue and we are now going from strength to strength. Working with Richard will help us maintain our goals and give our customer base a simple and understandable way to add value to the way they clean.”

MACK Co Founder, Ian Millar
MACK Co Founder, Ian Millar

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green

“I met Ian and Anthony after Ian had commented on a Play It Green post that signposted to MACK’s amazing products. We hit it off instantly and share a lot of the same values. I am really proud to be collaborating with Ian and the brilliant MACK team and helping to amplify each other’s message. I think our community of change-making people and businesses will love what MACK is doing. Their products most certainly assist with sustainable change.”

Play It Green Co Founder, Richard Dickson
Play It Green Co Founder, Richard Dickson

Play It Green: Empowering Your Sustainability Journey

Ready to take your commitment to sustainability to the next level? Play It Green stands as your partner in creating positive environmental change. From educational resources on sustainable practices and signposting to sustainable services to initiatives like tree planting and social giving, Play It Green offers a holistic approach to environmental stewardship. 

Join us in the journey toward sustainability—embrace eco-conscious practices and be a force for positive change in our world. All whilst staying relevant, meeting legislation and aligning with the values of today’s consumers and employees.

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