Make Your Event Climate Positive

Sports and cultural events, conferences and networking events, concerts and theatre shows; no matter what you’re planning, it’s likely going to come with a hefty carbon footprint.


Some of the reasons why are pretty obvious, such as guests travelling to and from the venue, while others may be more subtle, such as the food and drink provided.


Yet, no matter what, it is now more important than ever that those planning and managing events consider the effect it will have on the environment. Not only to help protect our planet, but because issues surrounding sustainability are becoming increasingly important to potential event sponsors, participants, and visitors, too.


This means that careful consideration of the environmental impact can lead to higher and better quality sponsorships and funding, as well as potentially increasing your ticket sales. Moreover, cutting down to ensure a more planet-friendly event could even prove to be more cost-effective.


So, how do you make an event climate positive?

Play it Green can give you the option to add trees to your bookings or tickets. The trees are planted in Madagascar, where they help repair our planet and restore vital ecosystems.


This will also balance the carbon footprint of your guests travelling to and from the event (the area which, most often, has the biggest impact­!)


By planting through our global impact partner, Eden Reforestation Project, you’ll be supporting the members of local villages and communities as they are employed not just to plant, but care for the trees. This means that people living in extreme poverty can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.


We also offer you support in reducing the footprint of your event with access to our Net Zero Framework, covering nine key areas to plan and action improvements in.


To ensure the experience has an even greater social impact, 10% of each pound is regiven to a good cause of your choice. On top of that, you’ll even get your own Forest Garden webpage that can be shared publicly.


With a platform that can integrate seamlessly into yours, Play it Green provides a simple and cost-effective way to make your event a Climate Positive one, gaining more opportunities and doing better for our planet.

Don't Just Plant Trees, Be Part of the Climate Solution

Enhance your proposition with Play it Green by adding trees to products, bookings, events, and services. This will help you make a positive impact on the environment, society, and your business. 10% of every payment made will also be given to a good cause of your choice. What are you waiting for?
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