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Sticky help to solve problems in physical spaces and now they are helping solve problems when it comes to footprint reduction as Play It Green’s latest community member!

Sticky now have a Climate Positive Workforce to help educate and engage their team and access to our Carbon Reduction support for free!

Best of all, we will be collaborating on something exciting so watch this space!

We caught up with the company’s two co-founders, James Garner and Priscilla Israel, to find out more about the company.

Please, tell us about Sticky

Sticky is the “no-code low-code Operating System for physical spaces” where developers work with the world’s biggest leisure, retail, events and hospitality brands.

We make every consumer interaction 10s or less with “tap me” stickers and integrated payments.

The only limit is your imagination.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is embedded into our mission and our product.

The last thing the world needs is more card machines, printers and POS hardware – even more so in emerging markets.

We are the first company that has a genuine shot at achieving “hardware zero”.

Sticky’s goal is to build the future.

Through working tirelessly on sustainability, more people get to see and enjoy the better future our customers are already building on our technology.

Why did you join Play It Green?

Play It Green is the easiest way for us to learn, regive and make a greater impact.

Their service allows us to be supported as people and as a business in lowering our carbon footprint whilst planting trees to repair the planet.

Through Play It Green we also give vital funds to the North West Air Ambulance because 10% of the subscription goes to our chosen charity.

Play It Green are already integrated into the Sticky platform, allowing all of our customers to make a further impact.

What does the future hold for Sticky?

Frictionless tech that applies digital principles to physical spaces is the future and we are the true trailblazers of this new way of building.

Every business in the world will build its consumer experiences and operational workflows on Sticky.

We will be in every physical space, at every touchpoint, making every interaction 10s or less.


James Garner, Sticky’s Co-Founder said:

“We have sincerely enjoyed working with Richard and Chris on their ambitious and hard work repairing the planet and rebalancing our collective footprints.

As we work in a number of common core markets, the best is truly yet to come.

Richard Dickson, Play It Green’s Co-Founder said:

“I love innovation and technology and I also love to see both helping to increase the pace of solutions to climate change.

Collaborating with Sticky is a dream come true and enables us to amplify each other’s message and positive impacts.

It’s exciting to think that this is only the beginning of what we will do together.”

Play It Green helps people and businesses to lower their footprints on a gentle, yet impactful journey of sustainable change, whilst having a positive environmental and social impact on the way.

We provide everything needed to engage and educate your team and customers and all the tools to measure and reduce your business footprint, including carbon reduction plans, net zero, marketing support and more.

Want to find our why hundreds of businesses are collaborating?

Hit the button below to send the team a message to find out more!

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