Mangrove Restoration in Kenya: Cultivating Positive Change

Mangrove Restoration in Kenya: Introduction

Play It Green recently changed our nature restoration partner and we now repair the land with Agroforestry, the coast with Mangrove restoration and the sea with Sea Kelp. One of the benefits of our new partner is increased transparency and with that comes more information, more data and more stories.

Today, we’re thrilled to share insights from a recent site visit to one of our flagship projects in Kenya. Embodying our commitment to transparency and impactful environmental initiatives, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be providing more frequent updates about our planting projects, aligning with our values of transparency and being customer-driven.

Mangrove Restoration: Transformative Achievements

Over the two and a half years, with unwavering support from our amazing members, and in collaboration with our planting partners, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones.

Now, together with our new nature restoration partner (Veritree), we’re contributing to the planting of over 2 million mangroves monthly. 

Not only that, but generating stable employment for 258 permanent full-time jobs, 300 regular part-time jobs, and more than 1,000 part-time opportunities. 

These jobs are not just roles; they are reliable, meaningful sources of income that have transformed barren landscapes into thriving societies.

During a recent visit to the Kenyan sites, our planting partner heard first hand from the community about the positive impact of our joint work. 

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Mangrove Restoration projects have been recognised by the Chief Conservator of Forests of Kenya as groundbreaking
Mangrove Restoration projects have been recognised as ground breaking

Individuals who previously faced significant hardships now enjoy stability through purposeful employment, enabling them to provide for their families and contribute to their children’s education. The tree planting partnerships have been recognised by the Chief Conservator of Forests of Kenya as groundbreaking, and we believe this impact is only the beginning, thanks to the support of our amazing community.

Mangrove Restoration: Setting High Standards

The recent visit allowed Veritree to introduce a rigorous process for evaluating and measuring the success of mangrove projects. 

Emphasising the importance of standards and methodologies, they implemented a comprehensive procedure using GIS Shapefiles, historical land-cover analysis, and geospatial layers to measure and evaluate projects. 

The new internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ensure that our focus goes beyond just trees planted to measurable outcomes such as real-time data on carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

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Mangrove Restoration: Technological Advancements

Technology plays a pivotal role in our commitment to innovation and efficiency. 

The visit saw the launch of AI-driven computer vision models for real-time analysis of mangrove seeds and the deployment of IoT sensors for continuous monitoring. 

Empowering local communities with technological knowledge, we’re not just beneficiaries but stewards of the project from the outset. 

Real-time data gathered through on-the-ground project managers allows our nature repair partner to design and scale restoration projects that are not only effective but efficient.

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Mangrove Restoration: Blockchain Protected

The introduction of new sensors and data gathering methods ensures a transparent and verifiable journey for our members. 

What’s even better, all this data is blockchain-protected, adding an extra layer of security and credibility. 

As we collect and analyse data, we’re committed to providing it to our members. 

This means you can communicate the incredible work you’re doing with the confidence that everything is being done correctly and verifiably. 

These new advancements not only reduces risk but also amplifies the positive impact of your contribution.


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Mangrove Restoration - Technological advances increase transparency and effectiveness
Technological advances increase transparency and effectiveness

Mangrove Restoration: Ecosystem Restoration and Beyond

Beyond the immediate benefits of carbon sequestration and job creation, the restoration of mangroves holds a profound impact on ecosystem health and biodiversity.

Mangroves act as crucial buffers against coastal erosion, providing habitat and nursery grounds for a diverse array of marine species.

Their intricate root systems create a protective environment that fosters the growth of fish populations, enhancing coastal fishing stocks and supporting the livelihoods of local coastal fishing communities.

The interconnected web of benefits underscores the broader positive effects our mangrove restoration projects have on the entire coastal ecosystem.

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Mangrove Restoration: Anticipating the Future

As we reflect on this trip, we celebrate growth, impact, and the exciting possibilities ahead.

Your participation in this extraordinary journey with Play It Green means that together, we’re not just planting trees; we’re changing lives.

All made possible by our new nature restoration partner.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our mission to cultivate positive change, one tree, Mangrove and Sea Kelp at a time.

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