Mangrove Survivability: New Methodology for Transparency

Mangrove Survivability: Introduction

We’re thrilled to bring our Play It Green family the latest update on the methodology being used to assess Mangrove Survivability with our nature repair partner, Veritree. Every month, we take immense pride in sharing the progress and impactful work you’re supporting through your commitment to sustainability, planet repair, and social impact. It’s our transparent approach that keeps us connected, ensuring you’re always in the loop about the difference we’re making together.

This month, we’re especially excited that our partner, Veritree has produced the first mangrove survivability reports for the Chara and Tana Salt sites. And there’s more on the horizon—within the next few months, they will be extending these vital survivability reports to all our mangrove sites in Kenya. This initiative presents a perfect moment to delve into the methodologies behind survivability measurement. This includes the factors affecting tree survival, and how we’re leveraging this information to refine and evolve our restoration efforts.

Mangrove Survivability: The Essence of Survivability

Understanding tree survivability starts with acknowledging that different species possess varying survival rates, influenced by their adaptability to local climates and conditions. This goes beyond the undeniable impact of extreme weather events like droughts, floods, storms, and temperature fluctuations. Tree survivability is also shaped by soil quality, the presence of predators, and planting techniques. It’s noteworthy that mortality rates are highest during the initial years post-planting, as the young trees work hard to establish their root systems. Fortunately, once these roots take hold, the tree’s chances of survival significantly improve

Mangrove Survivability data is now process for mangrove propogules to create even more reliable systems
Survivability data is now processed for mangrove propagules to create even more reliable systems

Mangrove Survivability: New Methodology Unveiled

The new approach to measuring early growth survivability is both innovative and reliable. Furthermore, it prioritises direct, field-sourced data over less dependable geospatial technologies. This process, though challenging, is meticulously executed. During each planting session, the Monitoring and Evaluation Lead alongside the Site Forester selects random plots for evaluation. They count and document the status of 200-500 trees to differentiate between the thriving and the deceased. This thorough examination helps identify and document the root causes of mortality. As well as this it enriches our understanding of environmental influences on survivability. Accompanying this detailed analysis, hundreds of photos and videos are captured and uploaded to chronicle each session’s outcomes.

Survivability assessments are systematically conducted at the 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36-month marks. This is done with permanent plots established to maintain consistent benchmarks for assessing growth and survival rates. The structured methodology, exemplifies our commitment to rigorous environmental monitoring and management across all mangrove sites.

Mangrove Survivability Drainage channels have been created to increase survivability rates
Drainage channels have been created to increase survivability rates

Mangrove Survivability: The Impact of Survivability Reporting

The insights garnered from these survivability checks are instrumental in guiding future projects and planning efforts. Furthermore, With a deeper understanding of site performance, we’re able to refine planting methods, optimise processes, and strategically select future project sites. These findings also drive proactive strategies to address challenges. Strategies include implementing irrigation channels in response to observations of drying, which significantly impacts propagule survival.

The integration of technology, including the expansive database of photos and videos is revolutionising the way we approach environmental restoration. With the addition of AI tools this will further enhance the precision and efficiency of our data collection efforts, empowering the field teams with real-time, scalable survival checks.

Mangrove Survivability: Wrap Up

As we look forward, the synergy between Veritree’s innovative solutions and our collective environmental restoration information is setting new standards for adaptive, data-driven projects on a global scale. 

Together, we’re not just planting trees; we’re nurturing ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity, and repairing our planet, one tree, mangrove and sea kelp at a time. Thank you for being a part of this vital journey towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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