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For this week’s Member in Focus, we talked to Jessica Viller of Cleaner Energy Solutions about their mission to install as many Air Source Heat pumps into residential and commercial properties as possible, and why sustainability is important to them. 

Why did Cleaner Energy Solutions Get a Climate Positive Workforce?

All businesses, including our own, have an impact on the environment so it is important we take action and do what we can. The Climate Positive Workforce was perfect because it ensures our staff are becoming educated, we take positive action and are supported in our own net zero plans which in turn helps us to win tenders and new business. 

Our business values align with Play It Green’s, their service helps us with our own business objectives and as a family business it is important to do what we can now to make it better for future generations. 

As an added bonus were also going to be doing Climate Positive Installations with Play It Green by planting a tree and gifting money to homeless charity Shelter for every installation over a certain amount. 

Please tell us about Cleaner Energy Solutions

Cleaner Energy Solutions is a heating company offering the installations, repairs & services of boilers & clean heating alternatives such as air source heat pumps that are proving very popular at the moment


We specialise in boilers, air conditioning, air source heat pumps and underfloor heating for both residential and commercial properties. Everything is on our website, including how to contact us and we’re on all social platforms including Linked In

Why is Sustainability Important to You?

As part of our ethos we work to create sustainable solutions when heating peoples homes and businesses. Sustainability is what our company is all about. 

Why Did You Join Play It Green?

After speaking your CEO Chris Thair at a recent Networking event, we found Play It Green fits perfectly with what our own company aspirations. 

What Does the Future Hold for Greener Energy Solutions?

We will continue on our net zero journey and ethos of ensuring buildings are heated in the right way. 

Hopefully we can make more of an impact by helping people change over to cleaner heating for their homes & businesses and give back to our environment where we can. 

With over 10 years experience in the heat pump industry and many people now opting for heat pumps as a cleaner form of heating we are focusing in helping our customers to make the change. 

We are helping with planning, advising & the installations making it a stress free process for all.

Heat pumps are part of the governments plan for us to reduce our emissions and to have us all heat our homes more efficiently. Air source heat pumps & Air conditioning are both part of the heat pump family it is just that one runs on air to water and the other is an air to air heat pump, so if your looking at changing to a clean form of heating we’ve got you covered.  


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