Most Read Sustainability Education 2022

Sustainable Change Starts With Sustainability Education

Sustainable change starts with education and that’s why Play It Green releases sustainability education articles every Wednesday.

These articles are never too complicated and will help you with one element of sustainable change.

By making these micro changes, over time your behaviour and consciousness will become more sustainable!

Here are the three most popular eco education articles from 2022 as read by our readers, members and supporters!

Remember – change starts with education, but happens because of you!

First Place Sustainability Education Content

In first place for our 2022 sustainability education content is an article first published on 17th August.

The article is entitled ‘Consumer Behaviour is Changing – Find Out How’.

You can find out how consumer behaviour is changing and what this means for businesses.

Also, Play It Green researched the market trends, and examines the work carried out by leading trend analysis businesses.

See what the leading sustainable brands are doing.

As well as that, find out how brands such as eBay and PreLoved Kilo are benefitting from a dramatic shift in behaviour.

This is a huge opportunity for businesses to meet consumer needs.

Not only that, it’s a chance to become the trusted brand that does business the right way!

You can read the article in full by clicking <here>

First Place Sustainability Education

Second Place Eco Education Content

Our second most read eco education article is from 21st September and is entitled ‘Why Sustainability is Now Critical for Business’.

The article aims to educate on what sustainability means in business.

Following that it goes on to talk about why it is so important to engage with.

We show the research done by companies like McKinsey and Deloitte that demonstrate the advantages of sustainable change.

If you want to learn the advantages of sustainable change in business or want to educate a colleague or employer, this is the perfect article to start with!

You can head over to the article using the link <here>

Third Place Sustainability Education Content

In third place (although all three were very close) is an article only written last week.

This article has shot into our top three most-read sustainability education.

The article is entitled ‘What’s The Difference Between Net Zero and Carbon Neutral?’ and discusses exactly that.

The two terms are quite often used interchangeably and in truth, they are actually quite different!

Because of that, Play It Green has focused on this topic to show the difference between them.

Following that, we give our thoughts on which of the two businesses should be aiming for.

If you missed the eco-education article on this, you can read it by clicking the link <here>.

There you have it – our top three sustainability education articles read by our followers, members and supporters!

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