Most Read Weekly Sustainability Tips 2022

Sustainable Change Starts With You

Sustainable change starts with you, with the choices you make and the actions you take, that’s why every Friday we release a weekly sustainability tip.

This helps to empower you to make a change.

As well as this, we keep things simple and explain both the history and the impact of a particular issue.

Following that each weekly eco tip signposts products and services that can offer you sustainable solutions.

Our tips are read by thousands of people and seen by hundreds of companies in the Play It Green community.

With that in mind, here are our top 3 most read weekly sustainability tips of 2022.

Most Read Weekly Sustainability Tip 2022

The most read weekly tip of 2022 is definitely something that due to its popularity will have a significant environmental impact.

Weekly Tip 91 from 16th December is Play It Green’s winner when it comes to articles about sustainable change.

The tip is entitled ‘Switch to Sustainable Coffee’ and was read by more people than any other tip of 2002!

Coffee is the world’s most popular drink with around 2 billion cups being consumed every day.

With that in mind, in this tip, we look at coffee’s history and its contribution to your footprint and ways to make the switch to sustainable coffee.

Use the link to read Weekly Tip 91 – well done to The Odd Coffee Company, Chimney Fire Coffee and The Eco Coffee Company!

Most Read Weekly Sustainability Tip 2022 1

Second Most Read Weekly Sustainability Tip 2022

2nd Most Read Weekly Sustainability Tip 2022

Our second most read weekly sustainability tip of 2022 is not something that would come to mind when you think about sustainability.

However, when you think about it, the subject of this weekly tip gets everywhere!

If you have a look in your desk drawer, in your bag or even around your house, how many pens do you find?

The likelihood is you will find a lot more than you expected.

As well as that, you will probably find a lot that are personalised with a bank or company name.

Yes – you’ve guessed it, weekly tip 86 from 11th November was about the mighty pen!

The pen is now a mass-produced item that seems to get literally everywhere.

Find out more by heading to Weekly tip 86 – well done to Remarkable, Eco Scribe and Vent for Change.

Third Most Read Weekly Eco Tip 2022

In third place (and not by much) is our weekly sustainability tip from 1st April 2022 and it’s no April Fool’s Joke!

Everyone has a beauty routine, even if it’s just soap and water, but most people go a lot further.

From plastic waste to excessive water use, beauty products have a significant environmental impact.

That’s exactly what weekly tip 54 – Wash Away Your Impact looks at!

The tip shows the unnecessary use of fossil fuels, water, packaging and more.

Also, it gives some startling numbers when it comes to negative impact.

As ever Play It Green signposts sustainable alternatives that we have researched to make sure you can reduce your footprint.

Use the link to read Weekly Tip 54 – well done to Ethique.

That’s it for the year!

Our weekly tips are going strong and helping people to create change!

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