New Forest Garden Launches – Quick Guide

New Forest Garden Launches

After twelve months of collaborating with our community members to find out what they need to help them on their journey of sustainable and social impact, Play It Green has now revamped the exclusive platform for members, with a brand new look and a lot more functionality. 

The platform aims to make impact sharing, education and net zero and marketing support simple, easy to access; and more importantly easy to understand and implement.

Below is the first part of an overview of the new platform listing the main features.

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A Brand New Look

Functionality Overview

Discover a Host of Support

Discover is broken down into three subsections:

Campaigns and Challenges – Explore and join a list of tree planting campaigns and sustainability challenges being run by our community members

Green Tips – View tips for business, home, educational content, sports tips and all our latest articles in this easy-to-access and understandable content to help our members on their journey to Net Zero

Useful Materials – All our support for running campaigns, moving to net zero and marketing your sustainability credentials and work with Play It Green

Track Impact & Plant More Trees

My Impact – Shows members’ tree planting and CO2 impact, milestones and Good Cause support. It is also available as an iFrame grab for your website and media

Sources of Impact – Sources of impact are split into subscriptions, campaign supporters, Purchases and gifts/referrals and shown as a chart.

The chart can be seen as trees planted or CO2 rebalanced.

Three ‘equivalent to’ fact boxes are updated as impact increases.

Plant More Trees – This button can be used by anyone that members share their garden link with, to plant more trees. 

Campaigns and Leaderboards

Campaigns – From the campaign tab members can set up, run and share their campaigns and challenges to plant trees and create behaviour change – think Just Giving but for the planet!

Members can also join and support other campaigns

Leader boards – To create a bit of gamification and competition in the leader boards section members can see the most successful impact makers.

The section is split into individual & Family and Business impact makers and can be viewed as trees planted or CO2 rebalanced

Milestone Badges 

Milestones – every member deserves to be rewarded for their achievements and we provide milestone badges that grow as our members’ impact increases – members can share their milestones to encourage others

Supported Good Causes – see the impact of Step 3 of our 3-step solution to climate change – #regive. Members choose and can change their good cause and 10% of all revenue generated is then regiven to that cause.

Sharing Tools 

Sharing good news is important and members’ forest gardens provide all the tools to share their garden and their impact and to encourage others to join. We even provide an iFrame tool to embed their impact tab on their website. 

Manage Your Entire Account 

Subscriptions – is where our members can manage their subscriptions, add new licences and also cancel should they wish to

Order History – shows all monthly payments and invoices which are available to download

Settings – allows members to alter their users, payments, giving partners, garden images, name and URL. There is also access to the Payment API here.

Multiple Forest Gardens Within One Account

Every new member gets a “Master” Forest Garden, then  for each £5 subscription users can set up an additional Forest Garden that feeds into their Master.

For example, a business that takes a £50 a month subscription covering their 10 staff would have a Master Forest Garden and then be able to set up 10 Forest Gardens for each of their staff members. 

Our Thoughts

The new Forest Garden platform has been developed with our members’ needs in mind.

Making culture change and the Net Zero journey as simple as possible has always been one of Play It Green’s aims and the platform does just that.

Being able to communicate positive action to others is also a key part of creating change and these tools are now there for our members to use.

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