Niftyz gets a Climate Positive Workforce with Play It Green

The NFT platform for Business, Niftyz, has become part of the Play It Green community and now has a Climate Positive Workforce, joining a growing number of businesses on their journey to Net Zero with us.


We recently caught up with CEO, Sara Simeone, to find out more about Niftyz, why they joined Play It Green and what the future holds for the cutting-edge technology company.

Please, tell us a little about Niftyz

Niftyz is an NFT platform, empowering businesses of all kinds to unlock new revenue streams from digital assets they already own.


With the Niftyz platform you can productize and monetize anything from pitch decks, databases, know-how to research and much more.


Our mission is to equip companies and professionals with all the tools they need to succeed in Web3.

Why is sustainability important to you?

We believe that being sustainable represents more than only a checking mark on an annual report or treating it as a “nice to have”.


Businesses should take real actions in order to deal with the very real consequences that climate change poses for all of us.


In house, we are always striving to reduce as much as possible our emissions, and to implement tech accordingly.


However, we, as many other businesses, are limited by the current infrastructure and services that are outside of our control, and with which we must interact daily as a lack of alternatives (and here you can include anything from where the electricity that powers up our computers comes).


We wanted to take our commitment one step further and join Play It Green to have the opportunity to create our very own garden and to be able to sponsor planting trees through their plan.

Why did you join Play It Green?

Play it Green provided a simple yet effective solution for companies that want to “greenify” their activity, something that we have found really appealing.



Also, being an early-stage start-up, we like that we can always increase our contributions for tree planting in line to adding new potential team members.


What does the future hold for Niftyz?

Niftyz’ goal is to become the leading Web3 platform for the business ecosystem.


We create easy to use and yet innovative solutions for Products and Service providers to turn their Digital Property into tradable assets, such as NFTs.


Our goal is to empower businesses to create new revenue streams and attract new customers through the use of Web3 tools.

“Our partnership with the Play It Green team represents our commitment to creating a more sustainable future, whilst pushing the boundaries of Web3 development.


We look forward to collaborating with Richard and his team in order to create and share valuable resources aimed at educating the wider audience on how to adopt Web3 in a more sustainable way.”

Sara Simeone, CEO, Niftyz

“I first heard about Niftyz when Sara spoke on stage at Manchester Central. 


Her views on sustainability and making web 3.0 green really resonated with me. 


I am excited to have our first partner in this field and hope we can educate and make things even greener.”

Richard Dickson, Co Founder, Play It Green

Be the climate solution… Reduce! Regive! Repair!

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