Our Values: Togetherness

Working together is what makes humanity great. It enables us to achieve feats we wouldn’t have been able to alone, from building cities to discovering the secrets of the universe to sending people into outer space. And it remains our best tool for solving the world’s biggest problems, including climate change.


Choosing to ride your bike to work, eating vegetarian a few nights a week, or reducing your energy usage will undoubtedly make a difference and should be done. However, doing it alone is simply not enough. Climate change is a collective problem that requires collective action.


When people talk about collaborative action for climate change, they often focus on countries, governments, and international bodies working together. This includes events such as the UN’s Conference of the Parties (COP), which involves almost every country in the world, to groups like the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), a group of small low-lying islands and low-income coastal countries that are more severely under threat.


These are, of course, vital to solving the issue of climate change, but that’s not all that collective action entails. Collective action is all about communities working together, no matter their size. It means sustainable businesses collaborating, but also promoting sustainability within themselves. It’s about community projects that help the local environment, but also about changing the minds of your family and friends.


At Play It Green, we believe that collectively we are better and stronger both internally and externally. This is why one of our values is togetherness. Our community is part of global, national and local communities, which will be embraced, used for good and celebrated. 


We work with partners all across the world and operate on a philosophy that promotes working together to make an even bigger social and environmental impact. We help communities make the change needed through easy-to-follow tips and education while also helping them encourage others to make those changes in their own lives. Because together, we can achieve more.

Co-Founder of Play It Green, Richard Dickson, said:


“When we founded Play It Green, we wanted to ‘do things right’ and focus on what’s really important for society and togetherness is one of those things. Individuals can all make changes but it requires togetherness, collaboration and community to make those individual changes grow and ‘stick’.”

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