Pedalling for Pubs x Play It Green: New Giving Partner

Pedalling for Pubs x Play It Green

In our latest exciting news, Play It Green is proud to welcome Pedalling for Pubs to our amazing community as our latest giving partner! 

The Pedalling for Pubs bike rides, powered by KAM, raise essential funds for ‘The Licensed Trade Charity’ and ‘Only A Pavement Away’. These two charities play a crucial role in helping disadvantaged people from around the pub, brewery and wider hospitality sectors. High-profile representatives from some of the biggest names in the bar and food service industry take on these challenging cycle rides

Now Play It Green is partnered with Pedalling for Pubs, all our members can choose this great cause as a giving partner to give their 10% to. Not only that but supporting the cause aligns perfectly with the recent launch of Play It Green’s Climate Positive Hospitality initiative.

We recently caught up with their founder, Katy Moses to find out more about this fantastic good cause and what the future holds for Pedalling for Pubs.

Please, tell us a little about Pedalling for Pubs

Pedalling for Pubs is a charity bike ride with hospitality at its heart. Where people from across the industry conquer every weather twist, navigate through the trickiest of terrains, and pedal impressive distances.

Why, you ask? It’s simple – we’re on a mission to raise funds for two hospitality charities; Only a Pavement Away and The Licensed Trade Charity. Together, we’re turning pedal power into a force for positive change. Making a real difference in the lives of those who make our industry truly special.

Pedalling for Pubs is committed to supporting The Licensed Trade Charity and Only A Pavement Away. Each push of the pedal helps towards a common goal – to change lives.

Pedalling for Pubs The Pedalling for Pubs team cycling in Sri Lanka earlier in 2023
The Pedalling for Pubs team cycling in Sri Lanka earlier in 2023
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Why is sustainability important to Pedalling for Pubs

Sustainability is at the core of Pedalling for Pubs. It aligns with our mission to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the areas we visit and promote responsible tourism. By organising a cycle ride in Kenya, we not only raise funds for charity but also support local communities.

Why did Pedalling for Pubs decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

Play It Green has a proven track record in implementing sustainable initiatives and practices. Their expertise in promoting eco-friendly, responsible travel aligns with our values and goals. We recognised that partnering with them would help us integrate sustainability into every aspect of our event.

What does the future hold for Pedalling for Pubs?

As Pedalling for Pubs gains more recognition and support, the charity bike ride will hopefully attract an increasing number of participants and donors. This growth can significantly boost the funds raised for charities.

Given Pedalling for Pub’s commitment to sustainability, we can expect to see continued efforts to minimise the environmental footprint of our events. This may involve incorporating more eco-friendly practices and promoting responsible tourism.


Katy Moses, Founder, Pedalling for Pubs

I am incredibly proud of the achievements of Pedalling for Pubs 2022 and 2023, but the fact that taking 30+ people across the world to raise money for charity isn’t exactly environmentally sound was a concern for us.

Play it Green has made it super easy for us to be greener as an initiative- and to ‘give back’ to the countries who host our rides. We can now put all our focus on training for the hills and raising money for two fantastic charities!”.

Pedalling for Pubs Founder, Katy Moses
Pedalling for Pubs Founder, Katy Moses

Richard Dickson, Founder, Play It Green

“With hospitality holding a special place in my heart, supporting this amazing cause brings me great personal happiness. As one of the founders of Play It Green, I am also excited to be able to support their cycle across Kenya in 2024. A big thank you has to go to founder, Katy, for believing in Play It Green. Not only that but collaborating for the greater good. Watch this space for some exciting news about our new partnership.

Richard Dickson, Founder, Play It Green
Play It Green Founder, Richard Dickson

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