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Perfect Sense Energy & Play It Green

In today’s exciting news, Perfect Sense Energy has joined the Play It Green community and is now educating its team and clients on sustainability.

Not only that, but the company is planting 13 trees every month for every team member to rebalance their individual footprints.

Finally, 10% of every monthly £5 subscription is regiven to the AKT charity to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people who are suffering from homelessness or living in a hostile environment.

Perfect Sense Energy provides ethical renewable energy solutions that are built to last! Their team met Play It Green at our partner Elevate’s event at Manchester Central and a week later are part of the Play It Green community!

With all Play It Green members looking for ways to reduce their footprint, Perfect Sense Energy are a ‘perfect’ addition to our growing community.

We caught up with their Head of Sustainability & Strategy, Luke Rowson.

Please, tell us a little about Perfect Sense Energy

We were formed in 2010 by our Owner and MD Gary Brandwood after changing direction following the financial crash in 2009. Having previously been working for COOP when they installed solar at the CIS Tower this future forward installation stayed with Gary and Perfect Sense was born.

We are based in Leigh, Great Manchester yet install nationwide, since our inception we have developed a strong reputation as an award-winning, market leader in assessing, identifying, designing and delivering energy-savings and renewable energy solutions.

Perfect Sense Energy Manchester's Icon CIS Building with it's solar array
Manchester's Icon CIS Building with it's solar array

Why is sustainability important to you?

Our origins had sustainability embedded at its core, our name even comes from the fact that it makes… perfect for planet, people & prosperity. For us it runs through our business veins as it were, there is no doubt that if we don’t do everything we can now (even imperfectly) then we will fall short as a planet.

Sustainability has to be pulled forwards across all businesses, it shouldn’t be followed by a but or a yes through gritted teeth, time and time again the companies that act first and just start down that path outlast and outperform their competitors.

Perfect Sense Energy The Perfect Sense Energy team enjoying a team building day out
The Perfect Sense Energy team enjoying a team building day out

Why did you decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

Serendipitously or perhaps strangely depending on your perspective I had recently followed Richard on LinkedIn because frequently his posts and comments had flashed up on my feed. A couple of days before the Elevate GM Northern Sustainability Summit where we first met I’d screenshot his profile (timestamp 9th June 08:51) as a reminder that I must get in touch and engage with him. 

I had not even connected the dots that they would be at the event and lo and behold they were there and we got to speak. What solidified the collaboration for us was the second surprise meeting of the week at the MMU Summer Sustainability Festival. This was where we and the wider PSE team got time to speak at length with Chris and Richard and their passion and values aligned with ours. 

The feedback after that day was that we “HAVE” to collaborate and sign up to Play it Green  

What does the future hold for Perfect Sense Energy?

We have some pretty ambitious growth plans, aiming to treble turnover for the third year in a row. We have just moved into our new forever home down the road from our HQ so the refurb of that space is a top priority. 

Beyond that though, we are doubling down on our commitment to be a Net Positive business. Not only that but we are laying the foundations of how we will achieve that with some research projects. We will be able to talk about more upon completion…..but we hope to be able to lay the foundations to drive change not just for ourselves but also for our sector and other businesses.


Luke Rowson, Perfect Sense Energy

“It is better to act imperfectly than to do nothing in pursuit of perfection or avoid paralysis by analysis.”

Perfect Sense Energy Head of Sustainability & Strategy, Luke Rowson
Perfect Sense Energy Head of Sustainability & Strategy, Luke Rowson

Richard Dickson, Play It Green

“I met Luke, Gary and the team at Elevate’s Northern Sustainability summit at our partner, Manchester Central. There were a lot of synergies between our companies and a lot of shared values. Fast forward a week, and they now have a climate-positive workforce and are being announced to Play It Green’s amazing community of people and businesses doing things a better way. Renewables are the future and I am excited by this new collaboration.”

Play It Green Founder. Richard Dickson
Play It Green Co Founder. Richard Dickson

Play It Green is the best green subscription in the UK and cannot be beaten on price.

Help ensure your:  

  • Workforce is educated and rewarded on a weekly basis
  • Green team has all the tools to move effectively to net-zero
  • Business has lots of engaging marketing content
  • Team is motivated, and positive and has a great narrative on sustainability
  • Business makes an ongoing environmental and social impact
  • Profits feel great and more likely to grow

Sign up today through the website for £5 per person per month.

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