Pioneering Progress: Sustainability News for 20th May

Pioneering Progress: Introduction

Welcome to this week’s edition of positive sustainability news where we celebrate pioneering progress! In a world where negative headlines often dominate, we choose to focus on the progress and innovative solutions that inspire and motivate our community. Our aim is to shine a light on the bright side of change and celebrate the achievements that demonstrate how each one of us can make a positive impact on the planet. 

By sharing these stories, we hope to create a culture of optimism and action. We want to encourage everyone to be part of the solution for a more sustainable future. Let’s work together with hope, determination, and a sense of purpose. By doing this we can create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

Pioneering Progress: National Grid launches the Great Grid Partnership

National Grid has recently announced its Great Grid Partnership with seven new industry partners. This is being done in an effort to tackle the UK’s supply chain challenges and accelerate crucial infrastructure projects. The collaboration aims to enhance the country’s electricity network. It will also support the transition to renewable energy, including the connection of 50GW of offshore wind by 2030.

This partnership will be based on an ‘enterprise model’ that will streamline the delivery of nine major infrastructure projects across England and Wales. The partnership will form part of a £9bn supply chain framework that will stretch beyond 2030. It’s designed to increase supply chain capacity, encourage best practices and skill-sharing. Furthermore, the initiative will bring significant economic benefits.

Carl Trowell, President of Strategic Infrastructure at National Grid, underlined the partnership’s significance. He said, “This Great Grid Partnership marks a pivotal moment in managing the largest overhaul of the electricity grid in decades. It calls for a united approach to foster innovation and efficiency across our projects.”

Pioneering Progress - The National Grid's new project will support 220,000 jobs in the UK
The National Grid's new project will support 220,000 jobs in the UK

The partnership will not only accelerate project delivery but also support approximately 220,000 jobs annually. This will make a significant contribution to the UK’s GDP up to 2035. It’s a strategic alliance is an example of how collaboration can drive substantial advancements in infrastructure development.

If you are interested in learning more about the remarkable progress in the world of sustainability, please, keep reading.

Pioneering Progress: BT Group Powers Up First EV charger from Street Cabinet

BT Group’s digital incubation arm, Etc., has recently achieved a significant milestone. It successfully powered its first electric vehicle (EV) charging unit from a revamped street cabinet in Haddington, East Lothian. This innovative project could transform numerous BT Group-owned cabinets across the UK into public EV charging stations. It will address the need for more accessible charging options and support the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles.

During the pilot phase, local residents can use the charging service for free by accessing the trial app available on app stores. The app provides charge monitoring and real-time information on availability and costs. Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Transport at the Scottish Government, applauded the project for its forward-thinking approach and its role in fostering greener transport choices in Scotland. 

Meanwhile, Tom Guy, Managing Director at Etc., highlighted the importance of utilising existing infrastructure to accelerate sustainable innovations and meet government sustainability targets. As BT Group plans to expand this pilot to West Yorkshire and potentially to 600 sites nationwide.

Pioneering Progress - BT is planning on setting up 600 sites nationwide to improve charging infrastructure
BT is planning on setting up 600 sites nationwide to improve charging infrastructure

The initiative represents a significant step in enhancing the UK’s EV charging infrastructure and supporting broader environmental goals. It is inspiring to see companies like Etc. leading the way in sustainability and driving positive change towards a more sustainable future. Read on for our final news story of pioneering progress.

Pioneering Progress: enfinium plans 1.2 million tonnes of carbon removals for UK

enfinium has announced a groundbreaking initiative with its Net Zero Transition Plan, which aims to achieve net-zero emissions across its operations by 2033 and to deliver 1.2 million tonnes of carbon removal annually by 2039. The company plans to invest £1.7 billion in this ambitious plan, which incorporates carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology across its UK energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities.

By capturing atmospheric CO2, this strategic move targets the substantial amount of non-recyclable waste, which includes biogenic content such as food waste and paper. The initiative is a significant part of the UK’s strategy to reduce its reliance on landfills. It will also support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The use of CCS technology in waste management is set to transform the energy-from-waste sector into one of the largest sources of negative emissions, helping to meet both national and global decarbonization targets.

Mike Maudsley, CEO of enfinium, highlighted the dual benefits of this approach: “This plan leverages our expertise in waste management to not only generate low-carbon energy but also remove over a million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually from the atmosphere.”

Pioneering Progress - efinium plans to capture 1.2 million tonnes of carbon by 2039
efinium plans to capture 1.2 million tonnes of carbon by 2039

By turning waste into energy and capturing carbon, enfinium aims to support the UK’s climate goals and promote economic growth through green jobs.

This strategic move by enfinium illustrates how innovative technologies and business models can align to significantly impact sustainability efforts across industries.

Positive Eco Change: Wrap Up

This week, there are some exciting updates in the world of sustainability that demonstrate innovation and a commitment to environmental responsibility. National Grid’s Great Grid Partnership is a new initiative aimed at improving the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure. In addition, BT Group has introduced the first EV charger from a street cabinet, which is a significant step towards supporting electric vehicles in urban areas. Lastly, Enfinium’s ambitious plan to remove 1.2 million tonnes of carbon annually is a major push towards carbon neutrality in the waste management sector.

These initiatives are inspiring and serve as a reminder that we can all make a difference by thinking globally and acting locally to support sustainable progress.

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