Play it Green Become Official Partners of The Growth Company

We are incredibly excited to announce that Play it Green have recently become official partners of the GC Business Growth Hub.


The GC Business Hub is part of the Growth Company, an accredited, social enterprise with a mission to enable growth, create jobs and improve lives. Their vision is for a society where economic growth and prosperity is inclusive, sustainable and leaves no person or community behind, making it the perfect fit for Play it Green.

Michael Ayre, Relationship Manager at the GC Business Growth Hub said on the new partnership, “ I was pleased to announce that Play It Green has been successful in their partnership application. This new process marks a shift in our approach to partners, limiting the amount that we engage with and only aligning with businesses and organisations that share our values.”

Working with a range of partners from across Greater Manchester, the GC Business Growth Hub delivers a range of programmes designed to support the self-employed, entrepreneurs and SME businesses with their start-up and growth ambitions.


With more than 100 partners of various sizes, sectors and specialisms, the GC Business Growth Hub represents the fabric of business life in Greater Manchester, taking in those who have their finger on the pulse, and who are passionate about the economic health of the region.

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder and Head of Engagement at Play it Green added, “The support from the Growth Company has been instrumental in Play it Green’s rapid growth and continued impact, so it was a really exciting step to become a partner. I can only see our positive impact growing from this great relationship.”

Play it Green helps individuals, businesses, and the sports sector become climate positive through our unique 3-step solution: repair the environment through reforestation, reduce carbon footprints, and regive 10% of each subscription to charity of the customer’s choice.


All trees are guaranteed to be planted through their tree-planting partner, the Eden Reforestation Project. They are planted in Madagascar where they are needed the most, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, restoring the environment, and providing vulnerable communities with jobs for life.


Play it Green also help business on the path to Net Zero with access to services such as footprint reporting and green energy transition, as well as their Net Zero Framework. This is in line with Greater Manchester’s drive to be carbon neutral by 2038.

Become Part of the Climate Solution Today

From as little as £1.25 a week Play it Green helps individuals, families, businesses, sports clubs and schools on their journey to Net Zero. Our unique 3-step solution lets you REPAIR the planet, REDUCE your footprint, and REGIVE to a good cause. Why not find out how we can help you become part of the climate solution today?
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