Charity Registration Form

Charity Registration Form

Anyone can use the charity registration form link below to download the registration form

If you have some questions please use the contact us button to get in touch with us

Charity Registration Form Social Giving

Why Do Charities Work With Play It Green?

Increase needed funds to your charity

Through our regiving of 10% of turnover, your charity can benefit from more funds and once active on our platform it is available to choose by any members as part of their subscription membership

Get a climate positive workforce

Play It Green understands that charities need to embrace sustainability just like everyone else and as part of our partnership, we can offer charities our climate positive workforce for free

add value to your corporate sponsors

Play It Green's climate positive workforce and Net Zero support helps hundreds of businesses across the globe and we can help your sponsor businesses too - and your charity gets more benefit too

Charity Registration Form Reduce Repair Regive

Why Register As A Charity

By partnering with Play It Green our charities receive much needed extra funds.

As well, we are able to provide the charity and its corporate sponsors with Net Zero and marketing support.

What follows is added value to the charity/sponsor relationship and even more funds coming in.

In doing this we are creating a sustainable global community of changemakers.

A community of like minded businesses creating not only positive environmental impact but also positive social impact.

Being part of this community is something to be proud of!

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