How We Work With Charities

Play It Green Charities

Below, you can find out about our good causes and how we work with them

As well as this find out how we give 10% of turnover to them

All Play It Green members can choose their own good cause and we guarantee to provide that cause with 10% of their revenue

Charity Sign Up

New member nominates charity

Once nominated a Charity giving partnership form will be sent to the charity. Or, the charity can use our online form and apply directly

Charity vetted by Play it Green

Each Play It Green Charity will be vetted to make sure they are genuine. Also that their payment details are correct this can take 14 days

Charity added to our Platform

After vetting process is complete the charity will be added to our platform. Then they are a choice for all members to support

10% of revenues paid quarterly

All payments to charities are calculated on our Forest Garden platform. Also, all payment are made quarterly

Bringing Sustainability to Charity Sponsors

Add Value to sponsors

As sustainability becomes necessary for all businesses, our charity partners have begun to introduce our workforce initiative to their corporate sponsors. Subsequently, this adds value to their relationship

Raise Even More Funds

Play It Green gives 10% of all revenues to good causes, any good cause corporate sponsors that join following your introduction will raise extra funds. This comes from the 10% of their subscription fees for their workforce

Climate positive workforce

To say thank you for being a Play It Green partner and for introducing us to your corporate sponsors, Play It Green gives our charity partners a Forest Garden. Also the workforce initiative at no cost to our giving partner

Our Thoughts

“Being able to not only support charities by raising funds for them, but also adding value to their corporate relationships is unique.

As well, the fact that we can also provide them with our workforce initiative and Net Zero support is fantastic.

It’s all part of creating a sustainable global community of changemakers.”

Charity's Opinion

“The team is incredibly grateful for this support which enables us to make a real difference to the patients and families who use our hospital services.”

William Graves – Birmingham Women & Children’s Hospital

Charity's Opinion

“We are very passionate about leaving the planet in a better place for future generations and are proud to partner with Play It Green. Also, The partnership aligns with our new ambitious 3-year strategy, to have a sustainable future”

John Heritage –  David Lewis

Our Charities

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To Make Your Charity Part of the Climate Solution
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