Play It Green Sustainability Partner Holds Carbon Literacy Training

Exciting Opportunity for Sustainable Business

On November 4th and 7th, Play It Green’s partner, Lighthouse Sustainability will be running an awesome Carbon Literacy for Business course.

Tackling carbon is one essential element of every organisation’s sustainability strategy.

Engaging staff in reducing carbon and working together to change behaviours is the only way we can achieve this – and, to do so, every individual needs to know how to play their part.

Our Partner, Lighthouse Sustainability

Our partner, Lighthouse Sustainability loves working with businesses on sustainability and has a passion for the circular economy and carbon literacy.

To meet our sustainability goals, many roads lead back to resource efficiency and circularity.

It’s not always that straightforward, so with more than 20 years of combined experience in their team, they see their role as translators and guides.

Lighthouse specialises in circular business models and the opportunities they offer to do business more sustainably.

They understand how this slice of sustainability sits within the wider landscape and how you can position yourself to succeed. 

Meet Emma

Emma Burlow, the founder of Lighthouse, loves to train people.

She’s on a mission to train an army of individuals who can give us the best chance of minimising our future impact on the planet. 

Emma is an approachable and motivating trainer, and all her work is bespoke.

At Lighthouse, the team is motivated by seeing their clients gain confidence as they first understand, begin to lead, and then really shine with a circular mindset at the heart of what they do.

They have worked with some businesses for several years and are loyal advocates for anyone’s business that is working hard to be more sustainable. 

Carbon Literacy Project

This November, the Carbon Literacy Project is running its second Carbon Literacy Action Day, with the theme of maximising impact.

The Carbon Literacy Project was set up to give everyone, everywhere, a day of training on carbon literacy, and in doing so, empower people to make positive changes.

Today, over 37994 individuals from over 3,5000 organisations have been certified as Carbon Literate and that number is rising fast.

Carbon literacy is there to enlighten, educate and empower your business and your employees.

Businesses taking part in carbon literacy training can expect to emerge with upskilled employees who are motivated to reduce their carbon impact both at work and in their personal lives.

Each trained employee is certified by the Carbon Literacy Project; and every organisation can become a Carbon Literate Organisation, demonstrating a commitment to educating its workforce and reducing its footprint.

Join Lighthouse Sustainability’s next Carbon Literacy for Business course on November 4th and 7th and help us maximise impact this Carbon Literacy Action Day.

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