Play It Green to Launch New Website

Play It Green will launch a new website later this month with a new style, improved navigation and a host of new functionality for members.


The award-winning sustainability subscription service which helps people and businesses to lower their carbon footprint whilst making an environmental and social impact launched in April 2021 with its beta site.


Since then, Play It Green has listened to customers and experts on how to improve the user experience and invested nearly a third of its investment funding into a new site with Evobot 2.0.


Chris Thair, CEO Play It Green said “We’re really excited to announce a new site will be launched this month, as it has taken over a year to get to this point.


We met as a team last August to map out how this could look, brought on board our developers Evobot 2.0 to deliver this and we’re all delighted with the results to date.”  


“We’re continually listening to our customers, actively seeking out their feedback and our membership has shaped a lot of the new features.


We also recognise the value in web experts who have knowledge beyond our own.


Richard and I remain at the heart of this project but we must also pay tribute to some key people who have been instrumental in this process.


Our invaluable Marketing Manager Jo Li has been fulltime on this project for 6 months and the two owners of Amaris Ltd who sit on our Board Scott Pickavance and Chris Hurcombe have shaped this from the start.


Finally, our developers Evobot 2.0, most notably Łukasz Jędrzejczyk and Patryk Papiez have been first class and provided solutions to many of our problems.

“There were three key elements to get right in this all based around the user experience.


Firstly we want new people to the site to be impressed and be able to navigate quickly and easily to something that fulfils their needs.


Secondly, we wanted signing up to Play It Green to be as quick and painless as possible.


Finally, and most importantly, we wished to transform our platform for members with more functionality, interaction and help bring our growing community closer together.


Richard Dickson, Head of Engagement and fellow Cofounder of Play It Green said “Members will now be able to set up individual campaigns from their Forest Garden or sign up to one of our central campaigns to create more engagement and interaction on the site.


“Our members recognise the value in our three-step solution to climate change and the more people that share and interact on our platform, the more impact we can create.


Greater engagement will help reduce more carbon footprints, move businesses to net zero, plant more trees and regift funds to good causes.  

Play It Green’s website address will stay the same and following launch, a rollout of additional features including a shop and API integration will come within the following weeks.

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