Positive Eco Change: Sustainability News for May 13th

Positive Eco Change: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s focus on positive eco change. In this week’s edition, we’re highlighting how various sectors are leading the charge in environmental stewardship through inventive solutions and strategic commitments. From using the power of natural ecosystems to adopting circular economy models and setting ambitious carbon neutrality goals. These stories showcase the global efforts to create a more sustainable future.

Join us as we explore these transformative stories. Read on to discover how each initiative contributes to our collective environmental goals and be inspired by how companies and communities are making a difference. Let’s celebrate the positive eco changes that not only envision but also actively build a greener tomorrow.

Positive Eco Change: Japan Investigates Sea Grass as Climate Solution

Japan is making use of its extensive coastlines and marine vegetation to fight climate change. Volunteers recently gathered in Yokohama to plant eelgrass on the seabed. This project aims to restore the natural marine ecosystem and capture carbon effectively. Japan is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and this initiative is part of a broader effort to reach this goal.

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Keita Furukawa, a marine scientist from the Association for Shore Environment Creation, explained more. He explained that eelgrass is capable of absorbing and storing the carbon that contributes to climate change. This understanding has led to national projects to harness eelgrass’s capacity to sequester carbon and offset some of Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions.

For the first time, Japan’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory included the carbon absorbed by seagrass and seaweed beds. While marine ecosystems currently capture a small fraction of Japan’s emissions, the Ministry of the Environment noted that blue carbon captured around 350,000 tons in fiscal year 2022.

Positive Eco Change - Japanese marine scientists believe seagrass has strong carbon capture abilities
Japanese marine scientists believe seagrass has strong carbon capture abilities

As terrestrial forests age and their carbon absorption capacity declines, Japan is increasingly looking to its oceans for solutions. Furukawa noted that if eelgrass were to grow in every shallow area of the sea, it could potentially absorb 10-20% of human emissions. This shift to blue carbon strategies highlights the potential of marine ecosystems in the global effort to mitigate climate change.

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Positive Eco Change: Decathlon UK Increases Support for Circular Economy

Decathlon, a global sports retailer, is expanding its buy-back scheme for sports gear to promote sustainability and encourage a circular economy. The program initially focused only on own-brand bicycles. Now includes a broader range of sports equipment, such as racket sports gear, water sports items, and camping equipment. This scheme allows customers to exchange their old or unused sporting goods for store vouchers. This reduces waste and promotes responsible consumption.

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To participate in the scheme, customers can assess the items online and receive an immediate valuation. Then, they bring the equipment to a Decathlon store to earn vouchers worth up to 40% of the original purchase price. Decathlon is committed to refurbishing and reselling these products. It also offers repairs using genuine parts from its inventory.

Chris Allen, Decathlon UK’s sustainability leader, emphasised the dual benefits of the program. “At Decathlon, we are committed to promoting participation in sports in the most sustainable way possible. Our buy-back scheme allows people to realise value from older or unused kit and exchange it for new or refurbished products.”

Positive Eco Change - Decathlon is embracing circularity and empowering its customers to as well
Decathlon is embracing circularity

Through this scheme, Decathlon estimates that 800,000 products will be repurposed annually. This initiative aligns with Decathlon’s broader sustainability goals. These include their recent Rentals initiative, and offers sports enthusiasts affordable options to engage in various activities. They are especially focused with major sporting events like the Olympics and Euros on the horizon.

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Positive Eco Change: Marriott Commits to Net Zero by 2050

Marriott International has made a significant commitment towards sustainability by setting science-based targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These targets have been verified by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The global hospitality leader has committed to achieving net-zero emissions across its entire value chain by 2050 to combat climate change.

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To achieve this goal, the company aims to reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 46.2%. It will also reduce Scope 3 emissions by 27.5% by 2030, as compared to a 2019 baseline. These targets include a wide range of activities, such as energy usage, waste management, and employee commuting. Additionally, Marriott is working towards having 22% of its suppliers set science-based emissions reduction targets by 2028.


Marriott International’s CEO, Anthony Capuano, has emphasised the urgency of their mission. He states: “The impact of climate change is being felt across the globe. As we continue to connect people through the power of travel, we are committed to driving meaningful improvements to the environment and are energised by reaching this significant milestone.”

Positive Eco Change - Marriott Group is aiming to achieve Net Zero by 2050
Marriott Group is aiming to achieve Net Zero by 2050

To achieve these targets, Marriott is focusing on enhancing energy efficiency. It will increase the adoption of renewable energy, and prioritise low-carbon procurement practices. Marriott’s portfolio includes over 8,800 properties in 139 countries, each of which is being guided to reduce carbon and energy footprints through the company’s tailored Climate Action Program (CAP) and a robust knowledge hub that helps track and optimise resource consumption.

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Positive Eco Change: Wrap Up

This week’s sustainability news brings promising progress from around the globe, highlighting diverse approaches to combat climate change and promote the circular economy. Japan’s innovative approach to capturing carbon through marine vegetation like seagrass underscores the need for innovative solutions to reducing atmospheric CO2. Decathlon’s expansion of its buy-back scheme supports sustainable consumer habits and reduces waste significantly by encouraging consumers to recycle their sports gear. Meanwhile, Marriott International’s ambitious targets to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 across its global operations demonstrate the powerful impact of combining technology, corporate responsibility, and innovative strategies to foster a sustainable future.


These initiatives encourage us to continue working towards a more sustainable world and inspire us to look for ways to make a difference in our daily lives. We’ll continue to bring you more inspiring stories from the world of sustainability in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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