Positive Eco News – March 13th 2023

Positive Eco News for You

Being happy is important as you are at your best when you are happy, so every Monday we bring you positive eco news!

Starting the week (or finishing it) on a positive has so many benefits.

From the health benefits to creating actual change, feeling positive is awesome.

So, if you want to know some of the great and inspiring sustainable change happening around the world, and to feel good about it, then please, read on.

Positive Eco News from Just Eat

In brilliant sustainability news from Just Eat, Brighton-based customers of the food service will notice something innovative in the next few weeks.

The company is trialling carbon impact labels on food ordered from Smoque Burger, No Catch, Brewdog, Fat Pizza, or Fat Burgers and Deserts.

The labels won’t be on food packaging; they will be available online. These were created through a partnership between Just Eat, the five restaurants, and My Emissions.

My Emissions is a company that labels food according to its carbon footprint.

They consider emissions throughout the entire life-cycle of the food. Customers are given this information using a grade and a traffic light colour system. A dish with an “A” rating has a very minimal carbon impact, whereas one with an “E” grade has a very high carbon impact.

Just Eat’s head of responsible business and sustainability Jaz Rabadia said:

“This trial, with the support of our restaurant partners. It aims to empower and educate our consumers on the impact food choices can have on our planet.”

Positive Eco News - Just Eat customers in Brighton will be able to see Carbon Labelling at five partner brands
Just Eat customers in Brighton will be able to see Carbon Labelling at five partner brands

Just Eat has said that it believes it is the first meal delivery service in the UK to offer carbon labelling.

This is a fantastic move and incredibly positive eco news.

It could have the same impact on carbon reduction that traffic light labelling had on sugar reduction.

Positive Eco News from Carlsberg

There’s more great sustainability news from the popular brewer, Carlsberg as they plan to increase sustainable farming methods.

These improvements will take place across their barley supply chain. The company says that it is aiming to make its supply chain Net Zero within 17 years.

Furthermore, it stated that three of its sub-brands in Finland, France and the UK will source their barley from farms using regenerative farming methods.

In 2022, Carlsberg announced that it would make sure at least 30% of its farmed products would be produced using regenerative methods.

Now the company has produced an ESG programme entitled ‘Together towards net zero and beyond’ which sets out its ambitions.

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Carlsberg’s senior director of sustainability said:

“We cannot reach our targets alone. Partnerships are vital across the value chain. Which is why we are collaborating closely with local farmers, traders, maltsters, agronomists and NGOs. Over time this will allow us to offer our consumers lower-carbon beers and contribute to improving the ecosystems we rely on.”

Positive Eco News - Carlsberg is committed to increasing its sustainable farming methods
Carlsberg is committed to increasing its sustainable farming methods

This is incredibly positive eco news.

Not only because one of the world’s largest breweries is taking sustainability seriously, but because of the influence they have over the rest of the industry.

If Carlsberg did sustainability 😉

Positive Eco News from Lidl

In our final fantastic green news, low-cost supermarket, Lidl has just announced that it will be the first of its kind to join the new WWF shopping basket initiative.

Its goal is to halve the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket within 7 years!

The initiative was first launched by Tesco and WWF in 2018. It was launched to develop a “pioneering” industry gauge of the environmental effect of the typical UK shopper’s basket based on food and ingredients.

The initiative’s first discount store, Lidl GB, has joined Tesco, Co-op, M&S, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose. The program covers a total of 60% of the retail grocery sector in the UK.

Lidl has also confirmed that by 2030 it will reduce its operational emissions by 80% compared to 2019 levels.

Ryan McDonell, Lidl’s CEO said:

“As the first UK discounter to work with WWF on this, we’re continuing to demonstrate that affordability and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Sustainability has been core to the Lidl business model for many years. We firmly believe it is our responsibility, through innovation, investment, and active leadership, to build a better future.”

Positive Eco News - LIdl is the first supermarket of its kind to join the WWF shopping basket initiative
Lidl is the first supermarket of its kind to join the WWF shopping basket initiative

There is a big challenge ahead to reduce the impact of our food system.

It’s fantastic eco news that Lidl is showing the way for low-cost, low-impact food and is paving the way for others to follow.

Happy Eco News All Wrapped Up

That’s all of our positive eco news for this week.

Three amazing stories from leading brands that are not just talking about sustainability, but are making it a core part of their business.

Well done to Just Eat, Carlsberg and Lidl for setting a standard for others to follow.

Hopefully, the news has left you feeling more positive about the planet and our future.

Change is happening and by highlighting it and sharing it, we create even more positive change.

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