Preloved Kilo to Plant a Million Trees

Preloved Kilo has partnered with Play It Green to plant over a million trees within the next decade and help drive down the carbon footprint of their customers and workforce.


The Preloved Kilo group provide George at Asda with their pre-loved vintage range, promoting sustainable fashion and a circular economy for clothing.


Preloved Kilo, who sells pre-worn vintage and second-hand clothes online, in-store and at their pop-up events throughout the UK, have now strengthened their sustainability work through Play It Green.

Preloved Kilo Directors Steve & Mark Lynam are keen to introduce green initiatives to the family business.

The company workforce will now receive a weekly sustainability tip and discounts to products from Play it Green to help drive behaviour change and lower their carbon footprint, along with planting enough trees to compensate for their existing footprint.

Steve Lynam, Managing Director of Preloved Vintage Kilo, said “We are very excited to be working with Play It Green to achieve a climate positive workforce. It makes me proud to take these steps as a business.

“I firmly believe this will encourage others to think more consciously about climate change and the impact they have on the environment, so we plan to promote these messages further throughout our activities and do as much good as we possibly can.”

The company supply Asda George with their Preloved Vintage range


Richard Dickson, Head of Engagement at Play It Green said “Circularity is one of the pillars of sustainability and that’s why I was so excited to meet Steve and the team from Preloved Kilo.


“Our partnership means that we can collaborate on both reforestation and helping people take a journey to a more sustainable future. With trees, weekly tips, access to discounted sustainable alternatives, and through the power of a like-minded community, we can change the world!’


Dickson continued “Weston Park Cancer Charity supports cancer research, treatment, and support services will also financially benefit from this partnership.


“Play It Green has a unique business model whereby ten percent of all revenues derived from a member are passed onto a good cause of their choice, as climate change causes social issues.”


Play It Green helps people and businesses to become more sustainable and for them to enjoy and benefit from that journey with a set of simple and cost-effective solutions.


For a business, they provide an opportunity to create a climate positive workforce, product, service, booking or company whilst supporting them on their sustainability journey.


For individuals who wish to do more on the issue of climate change but find it too complicated, they allow people to take action for the same price as one cup of coffee a month.

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