Pride in Supporting Mental Health

Thirty six percent of Play It Green members selected the mental health charity Mind as their good cause when signing up and by doing so are passing on vital funds to support people who are struggling.

Play It Green is a business that does things differently and 10% of all revenues are passed onto a good cause selected by the person or business who signs up.


WWF, Mind and Shelter are the three options during sign up however after this, members may choose any good cause of their choice.


As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May 2021, Play It Green celebrate its work in mental health and how Mind is its second most popular good cause behind the WWF.


Play It Green Cofounder Chris Thair said “Climate change causes many issues, and it was important as a business we helped provide funds towards other bodies that are helping support people and the planet. I think most people know somebody now who has been dealing with mental health issues.


“In a previous role as CEO of Wales Rugby League we dedicated a patch on the national playing jersey to mental health with the quote “It’s okay to talk” and the name of the charity Andy’s Man Club. An issue close to my heart having had a friend take his own life around that time. From this utterly tragic story there emerged hope and I now see his son Brad Gartland helping others with their mental health and no doubt saving plenty of lives in the process.


“The same story can be reflected when looking at mental health and nature. Without doubt climate change causes anxiety for people and especially for those directly affected by its worst extremes such as more flooding, fires and drought. On the flip side all the research shows how nature and green spaces have a hugely positive effect on people’s mental health. Improving your mood, reducing stress, making you relax and helping you change perspective in issues. Our connection to nature is integral to the mental health of everyone on the planet. 


Thair continued “By planting trees, becoming more climate aware and changing people’s behaviours through the weekly sustainability tips our members have the comfort they are doing more than most on the issue of climate change.

The fact that 10% of all they give is also going to a good cause close to their heart will bring them extra comfort and less worry.

We are immensely proud of our business model and our work in supporting good causes such as mental health charity Mind.”

If you feel you need urgent help, please contact Mind who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Sign up to Play It Green today and take your next step to a more sustainable future.

For just £60 a year we will plant 156 trees, give you a Forest Garden and weekly sustainability tips with discounts to relating products, plus pass £6 (or 10% of whatever you raise) to a good cause.

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