Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Partner with Play It Green

One of Serbia’s biggest rugby clubs, Red Star Belgrade Rugby League, has partnered with Play It Green to help lower the club’s carbon footprint and enhance its environmental actions.


Red Star Belgrade RLFC, members of the prestigious Red Star Sports Society in Serbia’s capital city, will utilise Play It Green’s services to educate, shape their environmental strategy and use club activities as a vehicle for positive change.


Domestic champions for the last five seasons, Red Star will focus on delivering the five principles of the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework through their partnership with Play it Green. This includes undertaking efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility, reducing overall climate impact, and educating, promoting, and advocating for climate action and sustainability.


Colin Kleyweg, Red Star owner and Director, said “Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club is proud to partner with Play it Green, offering our club, stakeholders, and fans opportunities to learn how to make a positive impact in our day to day lives.


“We believe that if everyone can make a small contribution in their daily lives by understanding how our planet needs our cooperation, we can help play a part in maintaining a good way of life for future generations.

“Our initial goals are to use the net zero framework to help map out how the club can reduce its carbon footprint, educate ourselves to inform our future actions and policies on this matter, and commit to planting 1 tree per month for the next year for every financial member of our club to ensure we make an ongoing environmental impact whilst on this journey.


“This will be a coordinated approach with our members, so we will listen to our fans and stakeholders on expanding this further. For anyone who has questions on why we are doing this, what our goals are and how you may be able to get involved further, please do not hesitate to contact the club and we will provide you with information.”



Chris Thair, Play It Green CEO said “We are delighted to partner with one of the most progressive rugby league clubs in Europe, Red Star Belgrade and look forward to collaboratively working together on taking action to lowering carbon footprints.


“The club will benefit from our weekly tips and articles to help educate and create behaviour change and as a business, can access our net-zero framework to help map out their actions across nine key areas such as governance, transport and facilities.


“We recognise fans, players and strategic partners are an integral part of any sports club and therefore know the impact of Red Star taking more sustainable actions will influence others. This positive action is beneficial for Red Star, the sport of rugby league and the planet.”


Check out Red Star’s Forest Garden page tracking all their trees 



Play It Green is an award-winning sustainability company in Manchester who specialise in lowering the carbon footprints of people and businesses whilst ensuring they make an environmental and social impact whilst on their journey to net zero through tree planting and regifting vital funds to good causes. In doing so these actions support eleven of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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