Sensational Eco News for June 5th 2023

Sensational Eco News for You

Welcome to Play It Green’s sensational eco news, your weekly dose of sustainable updates and inspiring stories! Every Monday, we bring you the latest happenings in the world of environmental conservation, community initiatives, and individual actions that make a positive impact. Whether you’re an eco-enthusiast or just starting your green journey, this news roundup will keep you informed and motivated.

We believe that small changes can lead to big results, and we aim to empower both individuals and communities to make a difference. Are you ready to dive into a world of sustainable solutions and inspiring success stories? Read on and discover how you can be part of the movement towards a greener future. Together, we can create a world where harmony between people and nature is not just a dream but a reality. Let’s get started!

Outstanding Eco News from Rolls Royce

Get ready for sensational eco news! South Korean company Qcells has achieved a ground-breaking feat by unveiling the world’s first production line dedicated to perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells. These “miracle” cells are poised to boost solar panel efficiency by a remarkable 50%, potentially revolutionising renewable energy.

Qcells is investing a substantial $100 million to bring this next-generation solar cell technology from lab tests to practical application. Their pilot production line, set to be operational by late next year, will be located in Jincheon. “This investment in Jincheon will mark an important step in securing technological leadership,” says Justin Lee, CEO of Qcells. “With a global R&D network spanning from Korea, Germany, and the US, Qcells will ramp up its efforts to produce high-efficiency advanced tandem cells.”

Tandem solar cells offer a significant enhancement to the efficiency of traditional solar panels by optimising energy extraction from each segment of the light spectrum. Traditional silicon-based solar cells typically achieve around 22% efficiency, while perovskite-silicon tandem cells have reached a remarkable world record of 32.5%. This breakthrough means that nearly one-third of solar radiation can be efficiently converted into electrical energy.

Sensational Eco News - Qcells in South Korea have hugely increased the efficiency of solar cells
Qcells in South Korea have hugely increased the efficiency of solar cells

The development of tandem solar cells represents a promising leap forward in harnessing solar energy effectively. Stay tuned for more captivating sustainability stories in our weekly news updates as we work together to build a greener future!

Sensational Eco News from Klarna

Our next sensational eco news comes from Klarna, a leading payment solutions provider, which is investing $2.35 million in climate innovation projects through its internal carbon tax. This contribution is part of Klarna’s commitment to tackle the climate crisis without relying on carbon credits.

Salah Said, Head of Sustainability at Klarna, emphasises their dedication to supporting impactful organisations: “Klarna’s internal carbon tax has generated $5.07 million to support 20 companies worldwide to date, driving CO2 removal, nature protection, restoration, decarbonisation, and advocacy.”

The selected projects include waste biogenic CO2 capture in Scottish whisky distilleries, biochar development from crop waste in Kenya, and electrochemical oceanic carbon capture technology in the Netherlands.  In addition to its external contributions, Klarna continues to make strides in reducing its own emissions. They have achieved their goal of powering all office locations with 100% renewable energy ahead of schedule.

Sensational Eco News - Klarna has raised $2.35 for climate innovation through an internal carbon tax
Klarna has raised $2.35 for climate innovation through an internal carbon tax

Klarna aims to reduce 50% of its carbon-intensity-based emissions by 2030, aligning with the Paris Agreement. Their ultimate goal is to achieve net-zero status by 2040. Keep reading to see our final fantastic sustainability story for more inspiration.

Sensational Eco News from Mitsubishi

Our final sensational eco news story is from Mitsubishi Corp., in partnership with MUFG bank and other organisations, which is launching a ground-breaking decarbonisation fund in Japan. With a whopping $1 billion investment plan, this fund aims to support emerging technology startups in the areas of floating offshore wind turbines and sustainable aviation fuel.

Mitsubishi’s primary focus will be on European and US startups leading the way in these sectors. They also plan to facilitate collaborations between these startups and Japanese or Asian companies, leveraging their global business network to advance decarbonisation efforts.

The Marunouchi Climate Tech Growth Fund, established in collaboration with MUFG Bank and Pavilion Private Equity, will make strategic investments in approximately 20 startups by April 2029. Individual investments ranging from $20 million to $100 million will be allocated to projects that are yet to be commercialised.

To address the growing demand for decarbonisation, Mitsubishi aims to provide several hundred million dollars of investment, with a target of reaching $1 billion by April 2024. This would position the fund as one of Japan’s largest.

Sensational Eco News - Mistubishi has a $1 BN investment plan to help create meaningful change
Mitsubishi has a $1BN investment plan to help create meaningful change

Mitsubishi’s commitment to decarbonisation extends beyond this fund, with plans to allocate ¥2 trillion ($15 billion) toward decarbonisation initiatives by fiscal year 2030. They are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with other investment companies to drive meaningful change. Amazing and sensational eco news to finish on! There is so much hope for the future!

That’s a Wrap

In today’s edition of Play It Green’s weekly sustainability news, we’ve covered some sensational eco stories that highlight the remarkable efforts being made towards a greener future. From Klarna’s commitment to funding climate innovation projects to Mitsubishi Corp.’s ambitious decarbonisation fund, these stories showcase the power of collaboration and investment in driving sustainable change.


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