Sensible Choice x Play It Green: New Member

Sensible Choice x Play It Green

In today’s exciting news, Sensible Choice has joined the Play It Green community and is now accredited with our Climate Positive Workforce. 

Sensible Choice is based in Lancashire and Cumbria and has been providing office technology solutions for over a decade. Their services include those related to IT support, copiers, printers, communications, phones, CCTV, and websites.

The company‘s team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from various fields to offer top-notch service and technology solutions to their clients. We love their new photocopiers that are more sustainable and cost-effective!

All staff now receive weekly education, tips and discounts to strengthen the sustainability culture further and have full access to all the tools and services to #reduce the business’s carbon footprint. 

Not only that, but Sensible Choice is planting 13 trees every month for each team member to rebalance their individual footprints and help #repair the planet.

Finally, Play It Green will #regive 10% of the subscription to their chosen good cause Dogs4Rescue. 

We caught up with Gareth Clarke, their Head of Sustainable Print Solutions to find out more about Sensible Choice, what’s important to them and what the future holds!

Please, tell us a little about Sensible Choice

Sensible Choice was originally formed to serve North West businesses and schools with a cost-effective alternative to conventional office printing and copying. Over recent years, the company has grown in both size and scope, thanks to continuous business development, high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Today, Sensible’s portfolio has extended to offer a complete range of office technologies and associated IT support services. Our success is built on a simple, long-standing principle; if our customers are saving money and enjoying unrivalled service, they’ll choose to stay with us.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Who does not consider sustainability important?  I think the last few years have highlighted how much we need to look after the environment for all generations, current and future.  We feel business has a role to play in that, so along with our partners at Epson we plan on spreading the word on Sustainable Print Solutions and how they can not only reduce a business’s print related carbon footprint but can also save them significant sums in the process.

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Why did you decide to collaborate with Play It Green?

As a business we felt it was not just enough to provide products to clients to make them more sustainable, we also needed to walk the walk.  By collaborating with Play It Green we can offset the carbon footprint of our business activities as well as our employees and provide them with education and the tools to lower their footprints. We are also happy to join this great community of eco conscious businesses and hopefully spread the word of Heat-Free sustainable printing.

What does the future hold for Sensible Choice?

The future is looking well for Sensible Choice, we have recently been accredited as a Platinum Partner with Epson due to our continued effort to change the landscape of printing in the North West from old oven based laser printing to sustainable heat-free alternatives from Epson.  We have a strong presence in the Education sector and so schools are now reaping the benefits of change.  

Our ultimate aim is to make heat-free printing the no brainer choice for all businesses that are looking to change their print equipment, they benefit from an 86% reduction in energy usage, 75% less packaging and consumables, less engineer visits, so fuel-miles are reduced, increased productivity and reliability and to top it off we guarantee to be able to reduce your cost to print!


Gareth Clarke, Head of Sustainable Print Solutions, Sensible Choice

“The world is changing. Now, more than ever, the demand for sustainability and productivity is redefining what people and businesses want from their technology, and the world around them.  Printing is no exception, and by making the move to Heat-Free, Sensible Choice customers are aligning themselves with positive change.  It is time to change those Oven based laser copier/printers, why would you not when there is a sustainable choice with NO drawbacks?””.

Sensible Choice Head of Sustainable Print Solutions, Gareth Clarke
Sensible Choice Head of Sustainable Print Solutions, Gareth Clarke

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder, Play It Green

“I first met Gareth at a networking event and we arranged a chat. When I saw his passion for sustainability and the innovative print solutions he provides, I was really impressed. It made sense to collaborate and now our community, which includes schools, businesses and sports clubs, can all benefit from this new partnership“.

Zedible Play It Green's Co-Founder, Richard Dickson
Play It Green's Co-Founder, Richard Dickson

Why Play It Green?

Boost your ESG actions and credentials by subscribing to Play It Green from as little as £60 per annum. 

Your ROI on £60 is 52 weekly pieces of education and footprint reduction tips sent every Friday. A company Forest with 156 trees planted. 10% regifted to a good cause of your choice. Free access to a host of tools and partners to help your business get to net zero and lots of marketing support.  

Better For Business, Better For People, Better For Planet.

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