Studio 91 Makes Manchester Business Greener

Studio 91 Joins Play It Green

Founded in 2018, Studio 91 Media is run by a core group of video producers and a crack group of independent creative professionals. 

They produce content around the UK for clients of all sizes and are proud to live and work in Greater Manchester.

Now, the company have joined the Play It Green community and has a climate-positive workforce.

Not only that, but the company now has access to our net zero support and network.

Play It Green caught up with their Managing Director, Ben Horrigan to find out more about his values, his business and what the future holds.

Please, tell us about Studio 91

Whenever we look on social media, we’re drowning in shallow video content that maybe entertains us for a few seconds, but then we forget all about it.

Our business is a video production company that wants to make video that is good for people, good for platforms and good for planet.

Why is sustainability important to you?

We want the work we do and the content we make to have a net positive impact.

This means a bunch of different things, one of which is that it needs to be sustainable.

Also, from a purely business perspective, we’ve found that our clients and prospects are increasingly keen to contract suppliers who are proactive about sustainability.

Businesses that don’t think this stuff is important are going to get left behind, and possibly kill the planet in the process.

Why did you decide to join Play It Green?

We are committed to being Net Zero by 2025, by tapping into Play It Green and the other organisations they’re partnered with.

As a team, we love the transparent, scalable pricing, with no minimum team size.

What does the future hold for Studio 91

Net Zero by 2025, a happy team, and a healthy roster of clients who share our values.

That’s it!


Ben Horrigan, Managing Director Studio 91

“Richard and Chris are building something amazing here.

It’s absolutely staggering to think about the potential when big numbers of people make little changes.

We’re really excited to be supporting a Manchester-based business that’s making an impact globally.

Studio 91 Managing Director, Ben Horrigan
Studio 91 Managing Director, Ben Horrigan

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder Play It Greem

“Ben and I met at the Better Business summit in Manchester and it was clear our values aligned.

I am really proud that he chose to join the Play It Green community of people and businesses making positive change.

The fact that Studio 91 is from Manchester creates an amazing feeling.

Especially having been brought up and settled there myself.

Play It Green Co-Founder - Richard Dickson
Richard Dickson, Play It Green Co-Founder

Play It Green

Play It Green is a subscription service that helps people and businesses go on a journey of sustainability.

Through our 3-step solution, we support footprint reduction, repairing the planet (through reforestation) and increasing social impact by regiving 10% of our turnover to charity.

Join for just £5 per person per month.

That’s a lot of positive impact and value for less than a coffee and a piece of cake!

Join Play It Green

And be the solution to climate change
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