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Superb Eco Change: Introduction

Welcome to Play It Green’s Weekly Sustainability News, where every Monday, we bring you the latest updates on Superb Eco Change. At Play It Green, we’re passionate about shining a light on positive transformations that make our world greener. We believe in the power of education to empower individuals and businesses in our community to create meaningful change.

Together, we collaborate and share values that ripple through various sectors, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability. Discover inspiring stories and practical tips that can ignite change in your personal and business life. Join us on this journey toward a greener future! Read on for inspiration.

Superb Eco Change: Volcanic Storage can Solve Industrial Heat Issues

Our first news on superb eco change is a game-changer for businesses, slashing energy expenses while curbing emissions. Industries heavily rely on heat for various processes, contributing to 30% of the UK’s heating-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Enter Caldera, a British startup pioneering an inventive heat storage system. Their system integrates a solar array, storing solar power as heat within innovative aluminium-volcanic rock cells shielded by vacuum insulation.

These modular cells swiftly reach 500 degrees Celsius, retaining energy for hours and delivering it on-demand within the temperature range crucial for industrial processes (80 to 200 degrees Celsius). By substituting on-site solar energy for costlier and non-renewable alternatives like gas and electricity, businesses benefit from readily available, affordable solar power.

Caldera’s solution harnesses this abundant energy, empowering industries to capitalise on sustainable resources efficiently. 

This remarkable system secured Caldera a substantial £4.3 million grant from the UK Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, fuelling the creation of a full-scale demonstrator. Innovations like Caldera’s heat storage system mark a wave of progress, highlighting how various sectors are repurposing materials and capturing waste energy to drive sustainable change. Discover more inspiring stories by diving into our Weekly Sustainability News for a dose of eco-inspiration!

Superb Eco Change: Innovative Battery Solution Reduces CO2 and Cost

Embarking on a Superb Eco Change, venture capital firm Elbow Beach Capital is spearheading a £900,000 investment in Allye, an energy storage startup. Recently emerging from stealth mode, Allye transforms electric vehicle battery packs into portable energy storage systems. The energy storage solution delivers energy that is two times cheaper and with 60% lower embedded CO2 than comparable systems.

Their flagship product, “the Max,” boasts a transportable 300kWh capacity, capable of powering a factory for two days or 40 homes for a day. CEO Jonathan Carrier envisions expanding this innovation to the hospitality and residential sectors, offering affordable alternatives to traditionally expensive solutions.

Carrier emphasises the accessibility of their technology, noting, “When it comes to higher energy prices, they can afford the technology and also reap a lot of the benefit because they live in a detached property, have solar on the roof, so they can benefit from all of this.”

Allye plans to use the £900,000 investment for the commercial production of Allye plans to use the £900,000 investment for the commercial production of the Max, targeting 10,000 units before 2030.

Superb Eco News Allye's Max battery can power 40 homes for a day
Allye's Max battery can power 40 homes for a day

The startup anticipates revenue of around £8.5 million in 2024, with machine learning and AI optimising grid assistance and cost savings. Join us in exploring more inspiring stories and read on for a glimpse into a greener, more sustainable future. 

Superb Eco Change: IKEA Rolls Out Mattress Recycling Initiative

Our final story of Superb Eco Change sees IKEA roll out an innovative mattress removal and recycling scheme in partnership with The Furniture Recycling (TFR) Group. This initiative provides UK customers with an easy and sustainable avenue to recycle old mattresses, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

By booking a collection online or in-store for £40 per item, IKEA customers contribute to transforming mattresses into valuable raw materials that re-enter the economy. The collaboration with TFR Group, the UK’s leading mattress recycling specialist, ensures that every mattress collected avoids landfill.

With a manual deconstruction process using specialised tools, TFR Group separates materials for onward processing, diverting 100% of mattresses from landfill since 2012. The recent acquisition of TFR Group by RetourMatras, co-owned by Ingka Investments, IKEA’s investment arm, triples dismantling capacity to 1.5 million mattresses annually.

IKEA envisions going beyond recycling, planning to leverage TFR Group’s mattress rejuvenation service. 

Superb Eco News Allye's Max battery can power 40 homes for a day
Allye's Max battery can power 40 homes for a day

This bespoke sanitation process ensures returned mattresses meet NHS standards, allowing them to be resold at discounted prices or redistributed to support local communities.

That’s our final piece of news around superb eco change. Demonstrating that sustainability is becoming more and more ‘a thing’ with large retailers. This demonstrates the power of consumer pressure and changing buying habits in creating positive change in both retailers and suppliers.

Superb Eco Change: Wrap Up

In wrapping up our Superb Eco Change journey, we’ve delved into inspiring stories that showcase the transformative power of sustainability. From Caldera’s revolutionary heat storage system to Allye’s innovative use of electric vehicle batteries for portable energy storage, and IKEA’s commitment to mattress recycling, these stories highlight the positive strides being made toward a greener future. Witnessing such impactful change not only serves as a testament to what’s possible but sparks a ripple effect, inspiring individuals and communities to make eco-conscious choices.

It’s a reminder that positive actions, whether in energy, technology, or everyday products, contribute to a collective shift towards a more sustainable world. Let’s celebrate these stories of change and, in turn, inspire more Superb Eco Changes. Join the Play It Green community if you haven’t already, and let’s continue this journey together, toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future!

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